10 Scary Things Fr Mbaka Said About Peter Obi


10 Scary Things Said About has emerged

It is no longer news that Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a fiery Enugu Catholic Priest, has declared that Mr. Peter , the ’s Presidential candidate, can never be Nigeria’s President.

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Mbaka, who made the declaration at his Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria, said Obi would never smell the President’s seat unless God ceases to exist.


Here are ten things he said about the presidential candidate that are shocking:

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A stingy man that cannot give people his money.

Unless Peter comes here to kneel, if he becomes President, he will close down this ministry.


Listen, a good old man is better than a young wicked man; Peter Obi is going nowhere as far as God lives.

If Igbos want a representative, it is not someone like Peter Obi.


I am very happy now that I have spoken out. That apology is a poisonous curse against Peter Obi.

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Anybody supporting him is wasting his money, he is going nowhere.

He is my friend. When he was chased out of Government House, he knew the role I played to bring him back.


If you like Peter Obi, tell him to come and ask for forgiveness. Let him come and redo what he did.

There is an altar of God he blasphemed; he defiled an altar of God, the Holy Spirit.


Peter Obi has incurred a curse to himself, which means that he is carrying a curse; if you want to be President, change him.

Night meetings we attended to bring him back, ask him, ask Eselu Uga, ask Archbishop Anikwenwa, they know where and how we did it and he was brought back.


A reliable source has confirmed he made the statement during the 2019 when Peter Obi was the Vice President candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), However, Ejes Gist Newspapercannot independently confirm if the Catholic Priest said those things.



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