4 Main Reasons, Recruiters Skip Your Resume

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Getting a job in Nigeria is not just about submitting millions of RESUMES, but also about doing the right thing at the right time when you submit your CV.


Below are the three primary reasons recruiters did not consider your .

1) You apply for jobs you do not qualify for: 

For instance, a job ad may require five years of experience in the relevant industry, a master’s degree, etc. Now, the applicant has two years of experience, no MBA, or five years of experience in an unrelated industry but with five years of experience. What was that? He employs faith for a miracle to occur.


Now, the reality check is that, just as the applicant is in desperate need of a job to provide for his welfare and that of his dependents, the employer is in desperate need of a competent/skilled professional to enable his business to grow. Consequently, both parties are praying for this miracle to occur.

2) Lack of the required hands-on experience/skills:

In the modern business environment, Business Leaders and Hiring Managers make hiring decisions differently.


To remain competitive, Business Leaders and Hiring Managers prefer candidates with hands-on experience/skills over those with more degrees/certifications than experience, even if they can afford to hire the latter. The reason for this is that they want an employee who can immediately resume work and begin contributing.



Fresh graduates and job seekers frequently ask me, “How am I supposed to have experience if I am a recent graduate or have not had the opportunity to gain employment since graduating?”.

If you are unable to secure paid internship programmes, I recommend that you volunteer, take on low-paying jobs first, or enrol in a free internship programme to acquire relevant skills on the job. By doing so, you would acquire work experience and accomplishments to market to any employer or recruiter.


3) Undetailed CV:

So many times, applicants are caught in the middle when drafting their resume/CV. They try not to make their CV exceed one or two pages and thereby leaving out some key information that the Recruiter might find interesting. Ensure your resume/CV is detailed, yet brief. The goal is to detail key experiences/skills pertinent to the job you are applying for whilst keeping it brief for Recruiters to skim through.


4 ) Follow the Instructions

Often Times Job seekers don’t follow instructions while applying for jobs.  It is very wrong to apply for jobs without reading the instructions attached or stated in the ad. You are told to apply using or to utilize the Job title as the subject of the email.  Job seekers will not follow those simple instructions and just forward their CVs. For some of them, the title of their email will be e.g Fd: Grace John



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