5 Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Android Device


Say Goodbye To Lag: 5 Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Android Device

Have you ever experienced the annoyance of trying to open an app on your Android phone, only to be forced to wait for what seems like an eternity? This is a frequent occurrence for many Android users, whether due to lag or a sluggish operating system. Although it is commonly believed that insufficient random access memory (RAM) capacity is the cause of this lengthy loading time, there may be other underlying causes.

Even if you upgrade to an Android device with more RAM, you may continue to experience slow performance. This is because there are additional factors at play besides RAM size.


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In some instances, your phone’s sluggish response may be an indication of a virus or a deteriorating display panel.

However, there is no cause for concern; in this article Ejes Gist News Nigeria, we will examine some simple methods for accelerating your Android device.


Ways To Speed Up Your Android Device

1) Check for software updates: Occasionally, you may receive a notification to update an app when you attempt to launch it. It may be necessary to install an update on your device, preferably when it is connected to an unrestricted data source.

Software updates can optimize and improve the performance of your Android device. In addition, security patches and bug fixes for Android can enhance the overall user experience.


Google Play Services, which is responsible for a number of Android features, also receives updates via the Play Store. To manually check for updates, proceed as follows:
– Launch the Settings app on your device.
– Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “About Device.”
– Tap “Software Update” followed by “Check for Updates.”

2) Periodically restart your device: A simple restart can sometimes work wonders for your device. Android Authority explains that a power cycle can often remedy a sluggish mobile device. By restarting your device, you effectively terminate any running applications, background processes, and accumulated tasks that can gradually slow down your phone. To restart your Android device, hold down the power button and tap “Restart.”

3) Clear cache for individual apps: Cache data is stored in significant quantities on your mobile device. If you notice that certain apps perform poorly compared to others, it may be due to accumulated data (cache), according to Android Authority.


This data tends to accumulate over time and can impact the performance of an application. This issue can be resolved by clearing the app’s cache data or uninstalling the app entirely. It is recommended to clear the cache because it does not delete other data such as logins, history, and preferences. Follow these steps to clear an application’s cache:
– On your home screen, tap and hold the app’s icon until a menu appears.
– To clear the cache, navigate to “App Info” > “Storage” > “Clear cache.”

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4) Delete old chats and downloaded media: This also applies to chat applications like WhatsApp, which stores not only downloaded data but also the entire chat database on your local storage. This is particularly problematic for slower devices, especially if you’ve accumulated thousands of messages over the years. To address this issue, delete unimportant conversations and media files periodically. This can improve the performance of your Android device’s gallery app and image selector.

5) Replace performance-intensive applications with lite versions:
Phones tend to accumulate unnecessary software over time. You may install apps that appear to be useful but never use them. However, even when not in use, these applications continue to consume space and may run background processes. This can slow your phone down. By evaluating your apps and reducing the number of downloads, you can assist in the acceleration of your Android device.



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