8-Months Gone, Yul Edochie Deletes Photos of his Second Wife from his Social Media, Tenders Apology to his First Wife

Yul Edochie and May Edochie

The actor Yul Edochie publicly apologised to his first wife May on Wednesday for choosing to wed Judy Austin, another actress.

When the actor revealed that they both had a son together in April 2022, Judy was revealed to be his second wife.

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Yul made the decision to publicly apologise to his wife for his actions eight months later, saying that he had no intention of disrespecting her.


He claimed that prior to this, he had repeatedly expressed regret to his first wife, with whom he shares four children.

“To my dear wife, Queen May Yul-Edochie,” Edochie wrote in his apology post. I am aware that I deeply hurt you, and I have apologised to you numerous times.

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“I accept responsibility for my actions. I concur that no one should be coerced into polygamy. I did not bargain for it from the start, and neither did you. But I suppose that life goes on. The whole story is already known to you.


“I did not do it to treat you badly. No, I did not do it to take your place or because I no longer loved you. You have my undying love today and always.

“I have been a great father and a good husband. I have always encouraged your hard work. To date, I have been a wonderful father to our kids, making sure they have everything they need and being there for everyone.

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“I did 99 of 100 things correctly. It is not the best to hate me for a single reason. Nobody is flawless. I am not. You aren’t. No one is, Yul Edochie added.

“I can assure you that no one is attempting to replace you. I have expressed my sincere regret to you on numerous occasions.

“I apologise. You have my undying love today and always. However nwanyi oma. We are able to live happily and peacefully.


May Yul Edochie Replies Husband

May openly declared that polygamy was against her beliefs and faith not long after he revealed his second marriage.

Yul had previously boasted about his polygamous marriage on several occasions before issuing a formal apology, adding that the choice had been fortunate for him.

Yul Edochie Deletes Photos of his second Wife, Judy Austin from his Social Media 

In the meantime, Yul Edochie removed all of Judy Austin, his second wife, from his Instagram page.

This comes after the movie star offered his first wife, May Edochie, a complete apology.

He had earlier pleaded with May on his Instagram page for her forgiveness for having another woman’s baby and marrying her.


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