Abiodun Ayoyinka: I Am Very Much Alive – Papa Ajasco Cries Out (Video)


, better known by his stage name Papa Ajasco, a veteran comic actor has released a video to dispel rumors that he is the actor who passed away.

Reports making rounds claims that the 63 year old Prominent actor shared the video on Sunday, shortly after reports began circulating that he had passed away.

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“Hello, everybody! My name is Abiodun Ayoyinka, but most people call me Papa Ajasco. I am not dead.


I am still alive. And I’d like to express my gratitude to all of my followers out there for caring so much. In the video, Ayoyinka expresses her gratitude to the audience by saying, “I really appreciate you people.”

See Video of Abiodun Ayoyinka, Aka Papa Ajasco  Below;


It was reported that the actor Femi Ogunrombi, who also played the role of Papa Ajasco in the wap TV comedy Papa Ajasco & Company, was the one who passed away.



Femi Ogunrombi- Papa Ajasco
Femi Ogunrombi

Ayoyinka was absent from Wale Adenuga Production for a period of time, and Ogunrombi filled in for him during that time.

Femi Ogunrombi who was the stand in actor for Abiodun Ayoyinka passed away on Saturday.

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Ayoyinka’s return, on the other hand, resulted in the deceased person resigning from their position.


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