Abuja Kaduna Train attack: Terrorists Release More kidnapped victims


Abuja Kaduna Train: More Passengers have been released from Captivity

The terrorists who attacked the train traveling from Abuja to Kaduna on Tuesday released 5 additional kidnapped passengers.

Akibu Lawal, Prof. Mustapha Umar Imam, Abubakar Ahmed Rufai,


Sidi Aminu Sharif and Mukthar Shu’aibu.

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Malam Tukur Mamu, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s media consultant and principal negotiator, told journalists in Kaduna that they had been freed, adding that the government should move quickly to negotiate the release of the other captives because they were in danger.

He repeatedly emphasized the value of communication with terrorists and insisted that nothing could not be accomplished via dialogue and negotiation.


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“Dialogue would definitely work in a circumstance where armed power cannot function,” he stated.

All of the newly freed victims expressed their appreciation to Allah and Tukur Mamu for his involvement in mediating with their captors.

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