Achraf Hakimi Biography, age, net worth, wife, divorce, mother

Achraf Hakimi Biography

Achraf Hakimi Biography, Achraf Hakimi Net Worth, Achraf Hakimi Age, Achraf Hakimi Football Career, Achraf Hakimi Divorce, Achraf Hakimi Facts, and lots more.


Achraf Hakimi, an excellent footballer, is presently playing with Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team. Achraf Hakimi, a budding athlete for Real Madrid, exhibited great potential in his early career. In this piece, we delve into the life and professional trajectory of Achraf Hakimi.


A rising star in the world of football, Achraf Hakimi was born on November 4th, 1998 in Spain. In addition to his impressive club career, Hakimi is also a valued member of the Morocco National team. The player’s primary role in football is that of a right-back position.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Achraf Hakimi‘s professional trajectory, including biographical details, his football career, personal life, and familial relationships.



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Achraf Hakimi Biography,l & Wikipedia Profile.

  • Full Name: Achraf Hakimi Mouh
  • Date of Birth:  4 November 1998
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of Birth:  Madrid, Spain
  • Height: 1.81 m (5 ft 11)
  • Position: Right Back
  • Occupation: Footballer (Soccer Player)
  • Religion:  Muslim

Club Information

Current football team:    Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as 2023

Number Shirt:  2

Youth Career

First Club: Colonia Ofigevi ( 2005—2006)

Second Team: Real Madrid


Senior Career

  • Football Club– Real Madrid Castilla:    2016—2017
  • Soccer Team:   Real Madrid:                2017 — 2020
  • Loan: Borussia Dortmund :  2018-2020
  • Club:  Inter Milan:   2020 -2021
  • Current Club: Paris Saint-Germain:    2021 – present

International/ National Career

  • 2016    Morocco   U20 / U23
  • 2017   Morocco National Team

Achraf Hakimi Biography


Achraf Hakimi Biography

Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan footballer, currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain, a prominent French club based in the capital city of Paris.

Achraf Hakimi, the professional footballer, was born on November 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain, to Moroccan parents, Hasan Hakimi and Saida Mouh.


The individual’s foray into the world of football commenced at the tender age of seven. Amidst that period, Hakimi became a member of Colonia Ofigevi, a football club situated in Getafe.

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Hailing from Colonia Ofigevi, the individual in question commenced their journey in the world of football by enrolling in the esteemed Real Madrid Youth Academy at the tender age of eight.In 2016, during his teenage years, he commenced his football career with Real Madrid Castilla.

In 2017, the individual in question was promoted to the first team, but subsequently embarked on a two-year loan to Borussia Dortmund.

After a triumphant loan spell, Achraf Hakimi has secured a lucrative €40 million transfer to Inter Milan, a prominent club in the prestigious Serie A league. The club’s triumphant campaign culminated in a long-awaited league title victory, ending an eleven-year drought.


Achraf Hakimi’s impressive performance on the pitch has garnered the attention of several prominent European clubs. In 2021, Paris Saint-Germain secured his services for a reported transfer fee of €60 million.

Who is Hakimi Achraf Mother and Fsther

Hakimi, living in Madrid, Spain, is the offspring of Hasan Hakimi and Saida Mouh.



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His parents are Moroccan immigrants who migrated to Spain several decades ago in search of improved opportunities for their offspring.

Hakimi Achraf Wife

Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan professional footballer, is married to the renowned Spanish actress, Hiba Abouk. The individual in question is of Libyan and Tunisian descent.The couple has welcomed two sons, one in 2020 and another in 2022 named Naym Hakimi Aboukhris.



Achraf Hakimi, the professional footballer, is known to have two siblings. Ouidad Hakimi is a young female, while Nabil Hakimi is a male individual.

Achraf Hakimi Biography: Club Career

Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan professional footballer, marked his inaugural appearance for Real Madrid during the opening game of the 2016 International Championship Cup. The match, which saw Real Madrid suffer a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Paris Saint Germain, provided Hakimi with an opportunity to showcase his skills on the pitch.

On the 20th of August 2016, he commenced his senior career by initiating in a 3-2 triumph over Real Sociedad B in Segunda Division B.

On the 25th of September 2016, the talented athlete successfully scored his inaugural Senior goal during a 1-1 draw at Fuenlabrada. On August 19, 2017, he was elevated to the main squad and subsequently bestowed with the honour of donning the number 19 jersey.

In the 2017-2018 campaign, the talented athlete secured his second goal against Celta Vigo in a decisive 6-0 victory. Additionally, he made two notable appearances as a member of Real Madrid’s championship-winning team in the esteemed Champions League.

Achraf Hakimi has been awarded a medal and is being recognised as the inaugural Moroccan footballer to secure a Champions League victory, despite his absence from the final match.

Borussia Dortmund

A two-year loan deal confirmed for Hakimi, who will be joining the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.On the 27th of September 2018, he successfully scored his debut goal for the club during a 7-0 triumph over FC Nürnberg.


Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan footballer, made a remarkable debut in the Champions League for Borussia Dortmund. During the group stage match against Slavia Prague in October 2019, Hakimi exhibited his exceptional skills by scoring two goals, thereby contributing significantly to his team’s victory.

Inter Milan

On the 2nd of July 2020, Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan professional footballer, inked a five-year contract with Inter Milan, a prominent Serie A club. The transfer deal, which amounted to approximately €40 million, was finalised between the two parties.

The Moroccan professional footballer, made a remarkable debut in Serie A on 26 September 2020, as he contributed an assist in a thrilling 4-3 victory against Fiorentina.

In the subsequent league game, the talented athlete successfully scored his first goal for the club, contributing to Inter Milan’s impressive 5-2 victory against Benevento.

Paris Saint – Germain (PSG)

On July 6th, 2021, Achraf Hakimi inked a five-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) has reportedly paid a transfer fee of €60 million for the acquisition of a player.

Achraf Hakimi, the highly-touted Moroccan footballer, marked his inaugural appearance in Ligue 1 for Paris Saint-Germain on the seventh day of August in the year 2021. The player in question demonstrated remarkable endurance by remaining on the pitch for the entirety of the ninety-minute match, during which he successfully scored his inaugural goal for the club against Troyes.

Social Media

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from renowned footballer Hakimi by following him on his official Instagram and Twitter accounts. @achrafhakimi

Achraf Hakimi Net Worth

Achraf Hakimi, the professional footballer, reportedly earns an estimated annual salary of nearly €14.5 million gross and €3.4 million net. The player’s monthly earnings amount to €1.2 million, which translates to a weekly income of €280,000.

Achraf Hakimi Salary

Achraf Hakimi, the esteemed Moroccan professional footballer who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain, reportedly earns a weekly salary of €280,000, equating to a monthly income of €1.2 million.

Achraf Hakimi Divorce

The global community has been privy to a series of comical responses following the announcement that the spouse of Moroccan footballer Ashraf Hakimi has initiated divorce proceedings and is seeking over fifty percent of his assets, only to discover that the athlete has no tangible possessions registered in his name.

The spouse of the Paris Saint-Germain defender has reportedly been left without any financial support after filing for divorce on the grounds of alleged infidelity.


Here’s what happened

According to reports, Abouk filed a petition with the court to terminate their marriage and requested a 50% share of Hakimi’s assets as part of the divorce agreement. It has come to light that the individual in question does not possess any assets registered under their name. The individual in question has reportedly opted to register all of his properties and assets under the name of his mother, Sadia Mouth. As a result, he is believed to have no legal worth on paper.

The legal battle ensued as 36-year-old Abouk sought an equitable division of assets with her 24-year-old spouse, with a total worth of €70 million. According to the information provided, it was communicated to her that the entirety of his possessions were under the ownership of his mother.

The recent development of Achraf Hakimi’s wife filing for divorce and claiming over 50% of his wealth, assets, and fortunes has garnered widespread attention and elicited a range of reactions from individuals across the globe. However, according to court records, there were no properties registered under the name of Hakimi.

A recent revelation has come to light regarding Achraf Hakimi, the esteemed footballer of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Despite reportedly earning a substantial sum of €1 million from the club, Hakimi has purportedly transferred all of his assets to his mother’s name. This development has raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity among fans and analysts alike. The recent move by Hakimi to transfer ownership of his properties to his mother has elicited varied responses globally.

What caused the divorce.

Achraf Hakimi, the esteemed defender for Morocco and Paris Saint-Germain, has recently come under scrutiny following allegations of rape made against him last month. An investigation is currently underway.

Hiba Abouk, wife of Achraf Hakimi, issued a formal statement on Monday, March 27, through her verified Instagram profile, detailing her intentions to pursue a divorce.

Following the decision to pursue legal separation and cease cohabitation in anticipation of divorce proceedings, the emotional burden of the separation and the disappointment of a failed endeavour, to which I had devoted my utmost effort, weighed heavily upon me. Despite these challenges, I found myself confronted with the added indignity of having to endure this reprehensible behaviour. The individual required a period of reflection to process the unexpected news.

Here are some of the reactions on social media

Alexander said Hakimi should be recognized for his achievements by the Men’s Conference and awarded an Honorary Doctorate. Furthermore, it is imperative that a magnificent football pitch be constructed in his name and given utmost importance at the upcoming conference.


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