Alignment For Productive Life: A Guide To Simplifying Your Life —Written By Regina Ralph



Alignment For Productive Life: A Guide To Simplifying Your Life —Written By Regina Ralph


The 46-page book dealt extensively with issues of unorganized life, distraction, multitasking and how to delegate duties for productivity.

In the book, the author, Regina Ralph listed 6 ways of organising one’s activities to gain productivity. She talked aptly on planning in order of priority importance, timing and the need to do proper research in getting things done well and productive.


Hammering on the importance of being well organized, Gina opined that “Being well-organized comes with a number of benefits. Disorderliness is one of the reasons why people become anxious at home and work. Being overburdened makes people perform poorly. Poor performance is unfitting forpersonal and professional lives. As you streamline and organize your life, all of these benefits will start to accumulate.” She listed 4 very critical benefits of being organized.

The book also enlightened on reasons why we shouldn’t do everything all by ourselves. The Author elucidated on 4 vital ways and reasons why we should assign tasks but to professioners and use of technology where necessary. According to Gina, use of technologies/machines to get things done isn’t laziness but ease of time, pressure and productivity.

Time wastage is one critical aspect that hinders productivity. The book also dealt extensively on USEFUL MECHANISM TO SAVING


Here the Author listed 6 key mechanisms of saving time. Amongst which are smartphones, computers, online bill payment,etc etc. She explained further the usefulness of the items mentioned above and many other items, to time management.

Nowadays, people spend more than they earn. ALIGNMENT FOR PRODUCTIVE LIFE explained the need to be prudent in Financial management. According to the Author, Your finance is one important aspect of your life to simplify. Endeavor to keep records of all your income and expenses.” She went further to list habits that can help us take control of our finances.


In the book, the Author also educated us on how and when to accept and/or reject an offer in a manner that wouldn’t offend the offerer and also deny you of future opportunities. Mrs. Gina expatiated on how to get rid of toxic people including friends, family members, etc. She listed practical ways one could follow to get rid of toxic people.


ALIGNMENT FOR PRODUCTIVE LIFE also highlighted some critical suggestions for using social media. The Author listed about 7 important ways to managing and using Social media for productivity.

Conclusively, finding what works best for you to be your most productive and stress-free self is the key to simplifying your life. For example, if you have young children, putting them to bed early, say by 8 p.m. This will enable you to relax or have time to attend to other issues before retiring to bed.

I recommend this rich and life transforming book to you all to read and keep in your library as a practical guide to simplifying your life.


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Book Reviewer: Mike Oyi Adoga




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