Alphonsus Eba And The Lies Told On TVC News: APC At It Again 


Alphonsus Eba and the lies told on TVC News: APC at it again 




On the 22nd of December, 2022, at about 8:30pm, a broadcast on TVC News was made wherein Mr. Alphonsus Eba, the APC Cross River State Party Chairman, was interviewed on the topic “The Battle for Cross River State.””


Such an interview was envisaged owing to the fact that the APC Presidential Candidate; Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently visited the State for a town hall meeting whose result we are yet to see, only but videos circulating of him dishing out money in exchange for support.



On another note, such an interview is not surprising because the News Channel upon which the interview was carried out is owned by the APC Presidential Candidate, no wonder the crystallization of that channel by many as Tinubu Viewing Center (TVC).


Alphonsus Eba must have been very excited because of the huge amount of money that was given to him, which is why he hurriedly granted the interview to massage the ego of his paid masters.


Ordinarily, with the nature of the interview, which rather sounded childish and a practice of pronunciation of words too heavy for the user, a response would not have been necessary. But because of the misconceiving, misinforming, propagandistic, stage managed, and full of lies nature of the interview, we chose to respond.



Our response is simply to disabuse the minds of Cross Riverians and Nigerians of the lies openly told on a National TV of the death of PDP in the State, and to inform the public of the good political atmosphere enjoyed by the PDP and her Candidates in Cross River State that Alphonsus Eba and the APC are pretending to be blinded to.




For the umpteenth time, we wish to state emphatically that the Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency Election that the APC are claiming victory of, was done in shenanigans and violence under the strict supervision of the agencies of . It was practically clear that the PDP was up till 5pm winning the said election. APC had no option but to resort to violence and intimidation of voters and stealing of the Bivas machine to achieve their aim of victory. If they were so popular and on the ground just like their party chairman had alluded, they would have allowed a violent free election. PDP has indeed learnt their lessons as resistance to their violent politics should they resort to that, will take its place come 2023.


Alphonsus Eba should cover his face in shame for resurrecting a past argument. We have grown past the politics of back to south. We now concentrate on competence and who is capable of delivering democratic dividends to the people. The APC should campaign on competence instead of some ethnocentric ideology with no constitutional basis.



We laugh at Alphonsus Eba for referring to Sen. Jarigbe Agom is a small fry and a criminal occupant who sits on a stolen mandate in the red chambers. Let us inform Alphonsus Eba and the carriers of such unmitigated rumours that Distinguished Senator Jarigbe Agom is a constitutional occupant of the seat, and his had work and service delivery to his people earned him that seat. Come 2023, he shall return to continue occupying that seat because he has been able to outshine every contender for that position with his outstanding projects visibly executed in his Senatorial District. There is no sledgehammer that can knock him out of that seat. He is loved by his people, and his people shall return him.


Alphonsus Eba must be a truant during his mathematics days in secondary school. He has no knowledge of how to calculate simple percentage. No wonder he had the temerity to categorize PDP in CRS into Port Harcourt boys and Atiku boys with wrong analysis and percentages. We had substantially answered this in our response to Obono Obla’s Outburst. So, we will not drag issues with Eba because even his master Gov. Ben Ayade became a Port Harcourt boy begging to be given a soft landing into the Senate.


Let us make it clear to Cross Riverians that the APC, having failed to deliver on their promises, are now resorting to violence in order to instil fear in the people. We had thought that Alphonsus Eba would inform the public that the Cross River APC government is illegally arresting people of the Northern Cross River just because they are opposed to their kind of politics. We had thought that Alphonsus Eba will tell the public that heaps of debris are now competing occupancy of Cross River with Cross Riverians, we had expected Eba to inform the public that our state now smells like an open grave with dead bodies, Alphonsus Eba should announce to the public of the failed projects of HE Ben Ayade. He should tell the people that portholes have occupied our roads and now stand as death traps. APC has failed Cross Riverians.




As traditional to the people for which Alphonsus Eba acknowledges, PDP is the solution. We are the stronger solution like that of the osmotic construct, ready to reclaim, rescue, and restore our dear State higher than the level it used to be in times past. Sen. Prof. Sandy Ojang Onor has shown and proven himself worthy to take Cross River State to eldorado. We are the people’s paradise, and with Sen. Sandy Onor, we shall remedy our paradise from sliding into the abysmal valley. Sen. Sandy is ready to bring Cross River State out of the hands of the marginalizing few into the hands of the maximizing majority. Let us unite and vote for PDP in 2023.

By: Okey Joel Ndifon, Calabar 


Alphonsus Eba and the lies told on TVC News: APC at it again 




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