Amazing tips to excel in 2021 UTME

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This post contain tips on how to succeed in the Unified Tertisry Matriculation Examinstions (UTME) popularly known as ‘JAMB’. When you apply to write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinstions (UTME) popularly known as ‘JAMB’, a whole new world opens up. As an average student or even a very successful student thus far you will have been one of the best but you will always feel unprepared for what JAMB will throw at you. Your academic work schedule will go through the roof but we have prepared some great tips and advice for you. If you are the type who read below you will not only fly through High School but also enjoy your time there as well. The following are the tips to make the best of UTME:

1. Prepare: before you begin a journey, the smart move to make is to prepare. Schedule when you are writing your exams, when you are travelling, how you are going to do it, what things to take, and much more.
This doesn’t mean you should be stuck up and rigid, rather it means that you should have a plan. Without a plan, you will definitely flunk out or repeat. You should have a reading time table as well.
2. Health: As much as you schedule a time for reading, discussions and classes, never neglect the time for rest as it is very important.
Sleep is an important part of having a good health and making good grades. Apart from resting, make sure to engage in regular checkups in order to be sure that you are in a good state of health before taking the exams.
3. Exam Preparation
Cramming before an exam is not the way to win top marks, find a way to revise in a manner that suits you best and stick to it. Study sessions are great for this, the collective can throw up great ideas, help, and support. Do practice exams with answer papers, see how you compare. Ask your tutors or teschers to have a look at them and ask for advice on how to improve your on your flaws. Read through your notes from the classes, you will be surprised how much you may have forgotten. The classes you attended in High School and in tutorials are the basis of the exams set, professors will most likely emphasize on these areas.

4. Planning and Getting Help
Try to focus on what is important, it is easy to get your priorities wrong. You have an exam next week but your focus turns to something else which seems more important at the time. If you plan ahead you will not find yourself in a panic or stressed out because of the lack of time. If you are struggling with a subject get extra help, ask your tutor or a friend who you know is good. Get all the help you can, there are lots of ways to get it out there. Many students make top marks with the assistance of a good private tutor.

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5. Self Discipline
This is a particular issue here for virtually all ‘jambutes’. There is so much to do and get acquainted to while at home. . It’s great to have fun but don’t lose focus on where you are going. The best students get the best distractions. The focus should be on you, not your peer group. It’s fair to say that application for admission is a competitive situation..

6. Choosing Topics
So you have managed to get through your syllables for your chosen subjects, you know which subjects you have done well in, and where your weakness lie. You shouldn’t choose favourite topics and leave out some. Just try as much as possible to leave no stone unturned.

9. The Library
Learn to love the library it should be your best friend. If you are still a High School Student or you have a good library close to your place, you shouldn’t hesitate to make good use of it. It will have resources that can invaluable to you and your success. . Attending the library also keeps you in touch with physical people and your fellow aspirants who may be of help to you one way of the other.

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10. Me Time
Never forget to have some downtime, stress can be very debilitating and having fun and exercise is the best way to prevent stress accumulation.

11. Examinations: this is the most important part of your pre-undergraduate experience and will pretty much determine your future as a university undergraduate. Revise all you have learnt in the past year(s), hold discussion classes, rest, eat well, calm your nerves and most importantly, pray!
With these tips, I believe you have no excuse for failure once you get into Law School and if you are already in, it is never too late to start applying

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