Popular Anglican Archbishop Spites Fire: ‘Nigeria is becoming a failed state like Somalia and South Sudan

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Nigeria on the Brink: Anglican Archbishop Warns of Looming Failed State. 

The Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba, Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, has sounded a dire warning that Nigeria is teetering on the edge of becoming a failed state, drawing comparisons to Somalia and South Sudan. This stark assessment comes amidst escalating insecurity, economic woes, and governance challenges plaguing the nation.

Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba
Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba



Archbishop Ndukuba’s remarks are a clarion call to action, as he lamented the deepening economic crisis, characterized by soaring debt levels, reckless borrowing, and inflationary pressures. He emphasized the urgent need for concrete measures to address these challenges, including the establishment of a state or regional police force to combat insecurity effectively.

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The Archbishop’s concerns are echoed by many Nigerians, who are struggling to make ends meet amidst fuel scarcity, increasing electricity tariffs, and stagnant wages. He urged the government to intervene promptly to alleviate citizens’ suffering and address the worsening economic conditions.


The security situation in Nigeria has become a “cancer” eating away at the fabric of national life, according to Archbishop Ndukuba. He advocated for the establishment of a state or regional police force, which would enable each geo-political zone to respond to insecurity challenges and bring stability, security, and economic growth.

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On the economy, Archbishop Ndukuba commended the efforts of economic policy planners and the new Central Bank governor to stabilize the exchange rate. However, he warned that high debt levels, reckless borrowing, and corruption are contributing to adverse economic conditions, eroding investor confidence and driving up prices.

The Archbishop emphasized the need for prudent management of the 2024 budget and Nigeria’s debt profile to ensure debt sustainability and long-term economic health. He also called for a review of workers’ wages, citing hyperinflation and the harsh economic environment.

As Nigeria grapples with these pressing challenges, Archbishop Ndukuba’s warning serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for collective action to address the nation’s trajectory and prevent a slide into failed statehood.



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