“Anybody who works against me will regret it” – Kwankwaso


Rabiu , a former governor of Kano State and the NNPP’s presidential candidate, has declared that anyone who works against him in the state during the upcoming 2023 will regret it.

Remember that Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje recently warned members of the state’s All Progressives Congress (APC) that the state would repeat the 1993 presidential election’s mistake of backing a southern candidate (late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola) over a native son of the land (late Bashir Tofa).

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The governor gave a speech last week at Bola Tinubu’s massively attended APC presidential campaign rally.


The comment made by Ganduje was a subtle jab at Kwankwaso. Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, has a strong ally in the current governor of Kano.

Days later, however, Kwankwaso as saying: “I recently held a rally, which was one of the best rallies. I had one in Wudil, a senatorial district in the south. In the northern senatorial district of Bichi, I had one.


“I opened my office in Kano Central and one of the best rallies because you can’t compare it with the ones by some of the candidates who had crowds that traveled to Kano from nearby states and other places, etc.


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I don’t want to talk about that man, as you can see now (Ganduje). I’m not sure if he actually said it. However, the truth is that anyone who worked against the NNPP or Kwankwaso in 2023 will realize one day that they made a mistake.

“Anyone who is familiar with me and my background believes that Kano, northern Nigeria, and as a whole will all benefit greatly from my victory in the upcoming presidential election.


“I am therefore shocked. If you were to suggest that I organize a rally. Rally? I participated in numerous rallies in Kano. Just recently, in all three senatorial districts in Kano in January and December. What is the issue with holding the rally in Kano?

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