APC Lists condition Before Tinubu can participate in a Debate with Peter Obi


We’ll send ’s spokesperson to debate with you, APC tells

The All Progressives Congress (APC) stated on Tuesday that , a candidate for the ruling party, and Peter Obi, a candidate for the , cannot engage in a debate.

After Obi must have presented his platform and demonstrated his political prowess as a former governor of Anambra state, the APC stated that it would prefer to send one of Tinubu’s media aides to engage in a debate with him.


Festus Keyamo, a spokesman for the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, announced this while accusing Obi of withholding his manifesto from Nigerians before the general elections of 2023.

The presidential flagbearer must then meet certain requirements before Keyamo will allow him to debate the former governor of .

One of the requirements listed by the APC was that Obi identify his political mentor from the time he was governor until the present.


He declared that the APC would send one of its spokespersons to engage in an open discussion with Obi if the prerequisites were met.

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“They have no manifesto, so what are we debating?” Keyamo questioned. Which records are we comparing? He declared that Nigerians should rely on his own judgement rather than any document.


“So, who will Asiwaju be debating with next?” Are they making fun of this campaign?

Before Obi and Asiwaju can debate side by side, they should each release a manifesto for public review.

Then, Obi should compare his tangible achievements as the governor of Anambra State to Asiwaju’s tangible achievements as the governor of Lagos State.


Then, he should list the people he has mentored in politics while serving as governor and who are still working with him . Lastly, he should list any political parties he has founded or worked with to found that he is still a member of today.

“Then he should list his democratic credentials, that is, what he did to help usher in democracy after the military took over, and what he has since done, better than Asiwaju, to maintain our democracy,” said the speaker.


After all of this, we will send one of our spokespersons to engage him in discussion.

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