APM Cases Against Tinubu’s Victory Struck off


APM’s Case Against Double Nominations of Kashim Shettima Struck Off as Illogical.

Justice Deems the Petition Lacking a Reason of Action


In a recent legal development, the case brought forward by the Allied People’s Movement (APM) against the alleged double nominations of Kashim Shettima has been struck off by the presiding Justice. The decision stems from the petition’s perceived lack of logic and failure to disclose any reasonable cause of action.


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The APM had initiated the legal action, raising concerns about Kashim Shettima’s purported double nominations. However, upon thorough scrutiny of the case, the presiding Justice found the petition to be lacking in coherence and substance.

The Justice’s decision to strike off the case underscores the importance of presenting clear and logical arguments in legal matters. A petition must disclose a valid reason of action to proceed through the legal process effectively.


While the APM’s concerns regarding double nominations may be legitimate, the manner in which the case was presented appears to have fallen short of legal standards.

This ruling emphasizes the significance of adhering to legal procedures and ensuring that petitions are logically structured and provide a valid reason of action. It also highlights the role of the justice system in upholding the principles of fairness and adherence to established legal norms.

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