ASUU News: Get ready for the “mother of all strikes” – ASUU Threatens to Invoke No Pay, No work


ASUU Threatens FG, To Invoke ‘No Pay, No Work Policy

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has indicated that they may invoke the policy of “no pay, no work.”

This is done as retaliation for the policy of the that states that they will not be paid if they do not work.


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ASUU issued a warning to the , urging them to stop treating ASUU members as casual labour by paying them only half salaries.

This was stated by Dr. Olatunji Abdulganiyu, the Secretary of the Academic Staff Union of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) ASUU, on Monday, when they began a peaceful rally.

On Monday, as they were getting ready to embark on a peaceful rally, Abdulganiyu made this announcement to the members.


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During the rally, participants carried placards with messages such as “information literacy is important for Nigerian citizens,” “universities are meant to produce knowledgeable graduates as opposed to certificate earning graduates,” and “politicians want universities to continue producing certificate earning graduates as opposed to knowledgeable graduates.”

If the Federal Government does not reverse its offensive anti-intellectual policy, Abdulganiyu has warned that the government should get ready for the “mother of all strikes” in the academic institutions.


According to him, “Let me assure you that our union is resolved to continue to call the attention of the government to its responsibilities despite the offensive treatment that the government is meting out to us at this time.

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“In this regard, even though we have resumed work at our university, the government’s ignoble stance of withholding our salaries for the past eight months, which is based on its ill-advised policy of “no work, no pay,” is set to trigger new crises.

“In the coming days, the union would respond by considering invoking the “No Pay, No Work policy” and would abandon the works that have accumulated for those periods for which the government had falsely claimed that our members had not worked.


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