Atiku disowns leaked audio as APC releases full tape of alleged Plans by PDP to Bribe INEC, Manipulate the BVAS Machine


Atiku has disowned leaked ‘rigging’ audio tape.

APC has released an audio tape of plans by Atiku Abubakar, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, and Governor Aminu Tambuwal to bribe , manipulate the BVAS machine, and rig the .



The voices of Atiku Abubakar, his vice presidential candidate, Ifeanyi Okowa, and Governor Aminu Tambuwal could be heard discussing in the audio tape released by APC and obtained by Ejes Gist News Nigeria, which has now gone viral.



The trio were discussing how to bribe INEC, manipulate the BVAS system, and rig the in the audio tape that APC supporters are widely disseminating on various social media platforms. It was also stated that money should be given to INEC so that adhoc staff can take directives from PDP agents.


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has, however, denied the allegations that the audio tape was manufactured by APC elements to mislead Nigerians.


The PDP claims that the APC created the audio tape by using an AI clone voice to produce the audio in order to deceive voters.



The statement said: “We warned last week that as the election approaches, there will be a spike in the rate of propaganda on social media. With barely 24 hours to the poll, we have witnessed propaganda from not just the All Progressives Congress but the as well.

“In this latest drivel, a montage of speeches delivered by Atiku, Tambuwal, and Okowa since last year were manipulated and pieced together to give an impression that they were discussing plans to rig Saturday’s election. In this age of artificial intelligence technology, even dead people can be portrayed as delivering speeches. This is nothing new.


“For the record, Atiku has run in two presidential elections and has never been indicted or prosecuted for election violence or vote buying.

“But some people think they can sell a narrative of Atiku manipulating this election. This is indeed the height of desperation, the last kick of a dying horse. The APC and the Labour Party must note that elections are not won on social media but at the polling units.”


However, Ejes Gist News Nigeria couldn’t independently authenticate the said audio tape as of the time of filing this report.



The audio tape and the transcript are as follows:


ATIKU: There will be need to bring in the INEC

OKOWA: There will be need to interface with INEC and not create suspicion


TAMBUWAL: For me to accept to go into this, let us strategize and discuss the arrangement and how it can be achieved.


ATIKU: Tambuwal, that’s why we are meeting. Let us sit down and find any other technology that may be used to make sure we emerge. We have to look for a way to find loopholes.


OKOWA: We are going to provide for the INEC officials starting from the polling units through to the ward collation centers and I just hope that we are going to find a way to rig the elections. This is the best time.

ATIKU: It is not enough. First of all, you give money to the state INEC. There will be need to bring in the INEC and also make sure they don’t use BVAS. We have seen what the use caused in Osun. Atiku Abubakar, I am with you on this one.

OKOWA: And you also supervise to make sure we use the central bank. We must find a way to get them out of power.


TAMBUWAL: It will be extremely difficult in a way. You see, it depends on certain fundamental indices. If Nigerians are having only two options clearly from two regions, then one of them will be.
The numbers will count in this case and we all know the voting strength of each bloc in this country.

OKOWA: It is obviously a major issue. We should look at the things that will bring us result. We must also look at the process that makes one of our best to be president.



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TAMBUWAL: I don’t like mistakes. I have won my elections 5 times consecutively. You all know that I have the support of my home base but it is not about me. It is about Atiku Abubakar and making him president.

OKOWA: We cannot act in disregard of normal rule. We must give INEC money to run their normal processes on their own. They must mobilize their people for the purpose of the election. That is going to make a stronger impact. Not the way we are going through.

ATIKU: What are those areas that will be difficult to win in the elections

OKOWA: The INEC officials need to take instructions from the PDP agents and there is no doubt about the process. They will be good enough that is not questionable.

TAMBUWAL: Are you sure that this time we can win the elections?

OKOWA: YES! It must be done in such a way that it is skewed towards the PDP.


OKOWA: Yes, it is just a question of trying.

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