Atiku Makes Fresh Move To Resolve PDP Crisis


Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, is reportedly considering a new strategy to resolve internal disputes.

Five disgruntled governors elected on the party’s platform are amenable to reconciliation because Atiku needs time to fix “a big anomaly” in the party before the February elections.

The PDP’s national chairman, Iyorchia Ayu, is under pressure from governors of several states, including of the Rivers, of Oyo, Samuel Ortom of , Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu, and of Abia, who argue that the party cannot have a presidential candidate and its chairman from the same regional bloc.


Even though they (the displeased governors) were able to successfully launch their individual campaign councils, the governors and their supporters have remained steadfast in their belief that if the right thing is done, reconciliation is possible for the benefit of the party.

According to information gathered by this online newspaper, the governors would consider cooperating with Atiku if only Ayu would offer an unqualified apology to them for breaking his promise to resign from his position should a northerner win the PDP presidential nomination.

According to a source who has a close relationship with one of the disgruntled governors, “the governors are aware of the implications of collaborating with a presidential candidate of another party. Even though they think Atiku could have done more, they do not hold him largely responsible.


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“Ayu is the issue because she made a commitment but broke it. If the man (the national chairman) could be diplomatic in his speeches, I believe things would change. To restore peace, all he needs to do is apologise to these governors, the speaker continued.


After the group recently declared that it was willing to embrace peace, Atiku urged his supporters to approach them and engage in negotiation in an effort to win them back to the campaign council.


The ’s media adviser, Mr. Paul Ibe, confirmed this development by telling our correspondent that the PDP presidential candidate had already activated a mediation team to try to mediate a settlement between the two parties.

We released a statement in which His Excellency, , welcomed the idea and reiterated his commitment to mediation when the aggrieved governors said they were open to reconciliation,” he said.

There are numerous engagements happening right now, but we do not want this to be a news story.


“Discussions are ongoing, and we are confident that this crisis will be resolved before the February election, at which point everyone, including the G-5, will join the campaign council.”

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