Atiku Speaks on G-5 Govs dumping PDP


The () group of five members is rumoured to have left the party, but the Atiku campaign organisation has denied this.

At a media briefing in Abuja, Chief Dele Momodu, Director of Strategic Communications for the Atiku campaign, provided the assurance.

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Momodu spoke against the backdrop of Governor of Rivers State, the head of the G-5, publicly endorsing presidential candidate .

Obi was publicly assured by Wike that he would receive logistical support and other assistance whenever he visited Rivers State to conduct campaigning on Thursday. Obi was also invited to commission projects in Rivers.

Wike and the other four governors denied leaving the PDP, claiming that they would not do so without informing the party of their decision.


“On the subject of the governors, I am not clairvoyant,” Momodu declared. I’m not a diviner. Whether they have abandoned the party or not is unknown to me.


When they decide to leave the PDP, they will make the decision public and let us all know. They are still at the party, which is great because we like having them there.


All they are saying is that they are unhappy, so there is still time for reconciliation. We will keep praying for the party to be peaceful.

Momodu, however, emphasised that nothing will divert the Atiku campaign, which remained steadfast and focused.

He claimed that during his tenure as vice president from 1999 to 2007, Atiku displayed his economic prowess.


“Under that administration, we had the best, and he was able to bring together the brightest minds domestically and abroad.

He said he would pick up where he left off because “we are very proud of him. We chose the slogan “Recover Nigeria” for our campaign because of this.

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