Bandits Kidnap MD of Popular Distributor of LG, Hisense Electronics, and Two Others in Lagos

Mohamed Fouani, Hisense Fouani Group,, LG

Bandits Kidnap Fouani Group MD Mohamed Fouani, Two Others in Lagos Ambush; Demand $1.5 Million Ransom.


In a brazen daylight attack, armed bandits kidnapped Mohamed Fouani, the Managing Director of Fouani Group, along with at least two other individuals, in Ikoyi, Lagos on Friday. The ambush, which took place near Falomo Bridge, has shocked the local business community and raised serious concerns about security in one of Lagos’ most affluent neighborhoods.


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According to multiple sources, the assailants targeted Fouani, a prominent Lebanese business magnate, and his associates in a meticulously planned operation. The Fouani Group is a leading distributor of LG and Hisense products in Nigeria, and the kidnapping of its head has sent shockwaves through the expatriate and business communities.

Police spokesman Benjamin Hundeyin informed Peoples Gazette that he had not yet been briefed on the incident as of Saturday afternoon but assured that an investigation was underway. “The command has commenced an investigation to unravel the situation and ensure the safe return of the victims,” he said.

Sources close to the incident revealed that the kidnappers have contacted individuals close to the victims, demanding a ransom of $1.5 million. The Gazette, however, could not independently verify this demand or confirm its source.


The Lagos State Police Command, known for its rigorous efforts to curb kidnap-for-ransom activities, now faces a significant challenge. This incident has particularly rattled the command, which had previously prided itself on maintaining low levels of such crimes compared to other parts of the country.

Ikoyi, home to many expatriates and diplomats, has long been considered a secure area. The kidnapping of a high-profile figure like Mohamed Fouani underscores the growing audacity of criminal elements and raises critical questions about the efficacy of current security measures.

Fouani Group has yet to release an official statement regarding the kidnapping of its Managing Director. The company, renowned for its distribution of major electronic brands, now finds itself at the center of a crisis that could have far-reaching implications for its operations and the safety of its personnel.

The local business community, already grappling with economic challenges, is now confronted with the stark reality of rising insecurity. As the investigation unfolds, there is a collective hope that swift action will lead to the safe return of Mohamed Fouani and the other kidnapped individuals. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the security vulnerabilities that persist, even in areas traditionally viewed as secure.



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