Peter Obi: IPOB Fingers LP presidential candidate for having a hand in Kanu’s Continued Detention, Makes Strong Revelation


group accuses of having hand in ’s continued detention

The ’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has been accused by the intelligence network of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) of being directly responsible for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s continued detention at the Directorate of State Services (DSS) facilities in Abuja.

According to an expert in intelligence gathering, Kanu and Obi may have made a deal to keep him imprisoned until after the election.


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If Kanu were to be released before the election, he might declare a sit-at-home in the Southeast zone on election day, which would reduce Obi’s anticipated large number of votes from the area, which is his stronghold.

Emma Powerful, the IPoB’s media and publicity secretary, quickly responded by claiming that IPoB had no business meddling in the election of the Republic of Nigeria.

Powerful asserts that “IPoB has absolutely no interest in the election and we have no interest in any candidate. We have repeatedly stated that regardless of Nnamdi Kanu’s release from prison, IPoB will not take part in the election or obstruct voters by ordering a sit-at-home boycott.


“Even though IPoB has nothing to do with the election, our members will not vote, but we will not stop anyone from voting, and we will not coerce anyone into doing so either.

Anyone who shows up on election day to intimidate or prevent people from voting is an enemy of Biafra.


Powerful stated: “We will set machinery in motion and if it turns out that he has hand in Kanu’s continued illegal detention, we will pay him back in his own coin.”

This was in response to the question of whether Peter Obi has any involvement in the ongoing illegal detention of our leader, Kanu.


The source with knowledge of the matter had revealed that the delusional quest for an Igbo-speaking president of Nigeria in the upcoming general elections on February 25, 2023, has already ensnared a large number of victims and is still accruing more.


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Sadly, the freedom of Kanu, the Afarukwu Ibeku crown prince who also serves as the leader of IPOB, has been sacrificed on the altar of Obi’s ambition to the point that Obi is secretly behind his continued illegal detention, according to the intelligent source, which is coming from an insider within the pro-Biafra group, IPoB.

The fear of Mr. Peter Obi and the West is “not unconnected with Obi’s perceived likely negative effect the release of the Biafran leader could have on his chances in the Southeast, where he hopes to amass votes,” the IPoB’s insider source claims.


“The people of the former breakaway region of Biafra, the Igbos, have continued to be agitated by the desire of the Igbos to produce a Nigerian President amidst the unwritten post-civil war policies designed to keep the Igbos in check and to deny them a shot at the highest position in the land since after the fratricidal civil war that ended on January 15, 1970.”

The source went on to say that “Obi’s imprimatur in the entire saga is becoming evident” and that “the Labour Party Presidential candidate is the real reason the Department of State Service, DSS, and the office of the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, have refused to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as ordered by the Court of Appeal since last August.”


The source recalled that on Sunday, June 18, 2006, Obi, an Igbo apologist, imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on Onitsha, the commercial centre of the South East zone, as part of measures to contain activities of suspected Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, members. Obi also reportedly ordered shoot-at-sight, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds

According to recent events, “Mr. Peter Obi has continued to be concerned about the possibility of an election boycott if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released and the consequences of its attendant massive compliance in the Southeast region, which remains the strongest base where he hopes to get bulk votes.”

A bitter test has been left by the recent revelation, which the source claimed was confirmed by intelligence gathering and their spies inside the Secret Service, as Obi’s overall ambition points to his avarice and a strong disdain for Biafra and the clamour for its actualization as is being championed by Kanu.


The public is shocked that Obi has not, as ordered by the Court of Appeal four months ago, issued a statement calling for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release or paid a solidarity visit to Kanu. The source claimed that the behaviour was typical of both a traitor and an Oboteman.

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