Biography of Austin Orette

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By Queen Edhere

WARRI: Who is. ? Austin Orette is a Nigerian. HE is an Isoko man from Owhelogbo. He is the 4th son Of JANET IGHOROJE AND JEREMIAH IGHOROJE.

His Father Jeremiah died of a ghastly motor accident when Austin was about 4 years old. Prior to his death Jeremiah and his wife Ja et promised that all their children will be educated to the highest level of their dreams.

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As A VERY YOUNG German young age, Janet his mother was saddled with the responsibility of keeping this promise alive. She struggled to provide for her children. She she worked so had at various vocations. She ended eventually became a successful business woman and philanthropist. She always admonished her children that whatever gifts she has been given were gifts to use in the service of their fellow man. This is the flower under which Dr Austin Orette blossomed.

Austin Orette attended James Welch Emevor. From there he attended Federal government College kano.
He completed his undergraduate medical degree at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He did his Housemanship and NY School at Nigeria Military Hospital Kaduna. Wherever he served he left records of achievement and excellence. He moved to the United States for his post Graduate medical education which he completed at the University of Texas Health center. While there he Interrupted his studies to volunteer for the United Nation Transition and assistance group. This was a group that was set up by the University United Nations to come ordination the the transition of apartheid to democratic rule in South West Affica(Namibia) and South Africa. He was there for 2 years as a volunteer with just only an allowance. He returned to the USA and completed his studies.

Today he practices Emergency Medicine and critical care in Texas.

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He has worked with the under privileged in the Houston Area. Austin Orette MD is well read and widely traveled. He veered. into politics. In 2015, under the flagship of , as a. Senatorial. Candidate. In Delta. South – South, . All in the passionate crave, to participate in the projects that will bring Nigeria out of this Abyss of darkness. And also to render his vast wealth. Of qualification and wisdom. In the developmental structurization of our beloved country. Nigeria, most especially, the Delta South – South, which have for long suffered lack of infrastructural development and. Indigenous Empowerment.
He is versatile skillful and dedicated.
He is married with 2 children.

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