Biography of Late Mummy Ekweozor, Family Announces Date For Burial


Late Mummy Cecilia Adanma Ekweozor, a prominent philanthropist and community leader, will be laid to rest on November 27, 2020 at her home in Ebenebe, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State.

According to a statement released by the children and signed by Dr. Julius Ekweozor, the Senior Pastor of Restoration Charismatic Ministry, Asaba, the funeral services will begin on Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. with a service of songs at her husband’s residence in Ebenebe.



According to a statement made available to reporters in Asaba, funeral services will continue on November 27, 2020, with interment at the same location.

Cecilia Adanma Ekweozor, who passed away on March 30, 2020 at the age of 55, was born on July 14, 1965 to the family of Ozo Nwafor of Ebenebe Town, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State.

In 1970, after the cessation of hostilities between the Nigerian and Biafran forces, the parents of the late Mrs. Cecelia Adanma Ekweozor enrolled her in the Primary School, Ebenebe, due to their desire for Western education for their daughter in the Eastern region of Nigeria at the time. As a very intelligent and conscientious student, she earned her First Leaving School Certificate with honours in 1975 and enrolled in the Community Secondary School, Ebenebe the same year.


After the required five-year study period, she obtained her West African School Certificate with flying colours in 1979, as one of the top-performing graduates.

She had always aspired to become a medical doctor or nurse because she valued the humanitarian aspect of the job more than the potential for making millions of dollars. So, for her tertiary education, she attended the State School of Nursing in Abakiliki, the current capital of Ebonyi State, where she graduated in 1983 as a Nurse and Midwife.

She had a brief period of professional practise with private hospitals in Abakiliki, Enugu, Awka, and Owerri following her Nurse certification. However, in a twist of fate or what you might call destiny, she ventured into business, as she was born to a business magnate father and trader mother.

As a businesswoman, she began by purchasing and selling various food items in multiple retail and wholesale establishments. Along the way, she also experimented with provisions, sweets, and implements. She eventually settled into the textiles and fabrics industry in Onitsha and its environs. She continued doing this until her death.

Prior to 1988, providence brought her together with Mr. Julius Ekweozor, a vibrant, vivacious, but God-fearing, and extremely handsome young man (Snr.). As Christians, they began dating, which culminated in their 1988 wedding.


The marriage was celebrated at the time because it involved two prominent families from Ebenebe Town: a very beautiful and promising young woman and a very handsome, lively, ebullient, effervescent, and dashing young man. Eight Children were born to the union (an only son and seven daughters).

As she was born into a Catholic family, she began her life as a Catholic. She was baptised and married within the Catholic faith. She was a communicator and a devout Christian in fact. God had always been involved in her life, and in 2005 or thereabouts, her husband and she converted from Catholicism to The Deeper Life Bible Church, where they worshipped until her husband’s death in 2007.

She persevered in her faith after the death of her husband, continuing to worship in Deeper Life and growing stronger with each passing day, performing God’s work with enthusiasm, fervour, and dedication.

In 2017, she joined the Restoration Charismatic Ministries in its entirety after the Restoration Charismatic Ministries International Inc. was founded in 2015 under the General Superintendentship of her son, Prophet Julius Julius.

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As a member of Restoration Charismatic Ministries (or Prophet Julius Church, as the Igbuzor people like to call it), she was Pastor Julius’ physical, spiritual, and emotional pillar. She was a member of the Church Council, the Women’s Group, and numerous groups, departments, and advisory committees within the church.

Mummy Cecelia was a rational and composed individual. She was eloquent and reserved. She was very affable and merry, but extremely strict with regard to personal hygiene, decorum, and ethical conducts. She exemplified agape love and taught everyone around her its meaning.


She was excessively caring and kind. She treated everyone who crossed her path as her biological son or daughter. Everything she had was for everyone. As many relatives, friends, and well-wishers moved in to live with her, her home resembled a beehive or Jerusalem of some sort. She was the mother of the entire congregation. It’s not surprising that the entire congregation is still in shock to this day.
May her gentle spirit continue to rest in the Lord’s bosom.



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