Our Pact with Nigerians: Peter Obi Releases 62-Page Campaign Manifesto (PDF)


Peter Obi Manifesto Titled l:  Our Pact with Nigerians_ Creating a New Nigeria.

Mr. Peter Obi, the candidate for president on the ticket of the Labour Party, LP, has at last made public his 62-page campaign manifesto, just as the presidential election in 2023 is getting closer and closer.

Obi’s manifesto, which was titled “Our Pact with Nigerians: Creating a New Nigeria,” detailed his ideas for how he would govern Nigeria in the event that he was elected president.


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This information was provided to Newsmen by the Labour Party Secretariat in Abuja on Saturday.

On page 18 of the document, he detailed his economic plan, which was based on moving away from consumption and toward production.

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His plan called for establishing a production-centered economy that was driven by an agrarian revolution and industrialization that was focused on exporting goods.


Specifically Obi and his vice, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, pledged to;

“Secure and unite our dear nation, and manage our diversity such that no one is left behind in Nigeria.

“Move Nigeria from consumption to production and embark on comprehensive legal and institutional reforms and practicable restructuring measures, to fight corruption; ensure the enthronement of the rule of law, and decisively tackle all forms of corruption.”


The LP candidates also promised to “prioritize Human Capital Development through robust investments in STEM education, health, and infrastructural development, with emphasis on wealth creation, distribution and sustainable development.

“Improve access to finance, particularly to MSMEs, youths and women, to significantly reduce unemployment and insecurity.

“Ensure that in policy and practice, governance will be made more inclusive, cost-effective, transformative, and less transactional. No more sharing of the national wealth by a few,” among other promises.


Download Peter Obi’ Manifestos here  Click  Here

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