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Breaking: Tragedy as Adulterated diesel Explosion kills pick-up van driver

Adulterated diesel Explosion kills pick-up van driver

The explosion of a mini pick van on Muritala Mohammed Highway Bebobsco axis on Monday evening in Calabar caused chaos, with the driver killed and the other occupant narrowly escaping death.

The mini pick up van was reportedly transporting adulterated diesel drums to an unknown destination; however, when they arrived at the Bebobsco bus stop, they were forced to slow down due to speed bumps; however, the driver failed to notice them in time, making it difficult to stop with speed, resulting in a spark and explosion.

Mr Gilbert, an eyewitness, informed Newsmen that the Mini Pick up was coming from EPZ when the unfortunate tragedy occurred.


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“It happened while the vehicle was in motion, you know there are some speed bumps around the area due to the opening that was made last year to allow vehicle make U-Turn, but the driver didn’t notice and had to stop abruptly, which led to the explosion.”

“We suspect he was carrying adulterated Diesel because a normal product cannot explode like that; the conductor was fortunate in that he was rushed to the hospital; however, the driver was not so fortunate in that he was burned beyond recognition and the mini pick up was reduced to ashes.”


The explosion caused major gridlock on the highway as motorists attempted to help the burning driver put out the flames, but their attempts were unsuccessful as the roaring inferno destroyed the driver, his trucks, and the merchandise he was carrying.

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The Federal Fire Service Operations truck arrived at the scene of the incident around 20 minutes later and put out the fire.


Mr Clement Bassey, Head of Operations, Federal Fire Service, Cross River, who confirmed the occurrence over the phone, said they moved as soon as they received the report about the incident, but one of the occupants was already dead when they arrived.

“According to the information I received from the office, the man died before our men arrived.

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So far, we’ve learned that the vehicle exploded while in motion and that the driver was severely burned,” he said.

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