Buba Galadima Warns Tinubu to Steer Clear of Kano Politics, See details

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Buba Galadima, a prominent figure in the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has issued a caution to President Bola Tinubu regarding the intricate political landscape of Kano State. In an interview with Arise Television on Monday, Galadima stressed the potential risks that Kano politics could pose to Tinubu’s presidency.

“The federal government and President Bola Tinubu need to be cautious with Kano politics. It will destroy his presidency,” Galadima warned, criticising federal support for certain factions within Kano’s political scene. He also condemned the influence of federal authorities in the allocation of chieftaincy titles, arguing that such actions undermine local traditions and autonomy.

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Highlighting the tenacity and resilience of Kano’s populace, Galadima reflected on his long-standing political journey and the principles that have guided his actions. He expressed disappointment in the current state of Nigeria, which he feels has strayed far from the vision he had for future generations. This sense of disillusionment, he noted, has driven his political evolution, which is based on principles rather than personal gain.

Revisiting past elections, Galadima recounted the NNPP’s victories against formidable odds in both 2011 and 2023, despite alleged manipulations and coercive tactics employed by their opponents. He criticised the judiciary’s handling of electoral disputes, pointing to instances of perceived bias and interference.

Galadima also urged the governor of Kano to assert his authority decisively, even against police advice, to maintain credibility. He cited an example where, despite police opposition, the Emir participated in local festivities, demonstrating the strength of local will and determination.


Furthermore, Galadima called for the preservation of democracy in Nigeria, despite its imperfections, and cautioned against the establishment of state police forces, which he believes could lead to national disintegration. He criticised the current legislative body, accusing it of being populated by businessmen rather than genuine legislators dedicated to public service.

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The elder statesman expressed his deep concern over Nigeria’s self-inflicted political challenges, attributing many of the country’s issues to the actions and choices of its citizens. Reflecting on voter behaviour, he said, “If some of us could actually collect a piece of indomie worth 200 naira to vote so they could get what they bargained for, I’m disappointed.”

Galadima voiced his dismay with both the leadership and the electorate, noting that even those who initially appear principled often change when given power. “A typical example is the former President, Buhari. I could have bet my life for him on certain issues,” he remarked, illustrating his point about the unpredictability of political integrity.

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