Buhari Jets Out Of Nigeria Amidst Terror Alert


President goes to London, for routine medical check Up

On October 31, 2022, left Nigeria for London, United Kingdom, in order to get a standard medical examination.

This online newspaper gathered that In the middle of the second week of November in 2022, he will arrive back in the nation.

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This comes amidst rising tensions in the country’s capital (Abuja) where various foreign Embassies have raised alerts on Looming attacks.

These embassies issued travel advisories to their citizens cautioning them on movement to Nigeria states and the capital.

The united States of America was e first to issue an advisory to it’s citizens and amidst the alert started the evacuation process for some of it’s citizens.

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The united kingdom followed suit, issuing a terror alert advisory to it’s citizens in and around Nigeria, warning them of an impeding attack in the capital.

Although, Security has been beefed up in the capital as the DSS, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police Force has flooded the nations capital to ensure safety of the citizens.


In lieu of the impending attack, various security outfits have rolled out emergency numbers to call.

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The , rolled out emergency numbers for the police force and the Nigerian Army followed suit.

Amidst these preparations and precautions, the federal ably represented by Lai Mohamed has since debunked these reports calling them untrue.


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