Captivating Throwback Photos of 8 Nigerian Celebrities That Prove ‘Nobody is Born Ugly, Just Financially Challenged


Powerful Throwback Photos: 8 Showcase Inspiring Journeys from Financial Hardship to Beauty.


The perception of one’s physical appearance being unattractive can often be attributed to a lack of financial resources to enhance one’s looks, as highlighted in this article.
When we stumble upon throwback photos of certain celebrities, it becomes evident that the adage, “nobody is born ugly, just broke,” holds some truth.



While there are celebrities whose earlier pictures evoke admiration and endearment, there are others whose past photos would be best kept away from public view, sparing both their fans and the media from potentially unflattering images.

1. Don Jazzy

Nigerian renowned producer, , has undergone a noticeable style transformation, transitioning from his youthful fashion sense characterized by baggy jeans to a more refined look with stylish suits.
Over the years, Don Jazzy has become known for his unique and eclectic fashion choices. However, recent appearances have showcased a shift towards a more sophisticated and tailored aesthetic. The producer, who has always been celebrated for his creativity in the music industry, now exhibits an equally creative approach to his personal style.


2.Toke Makinwa

, the popular media personality, surprised many when an old throwback photo of her (on the left) surfaced on the internet a few months ago. The image left people questioning if the slim, dark-skinned lady in the picture could truly be Toke Makinwa.
The transformation that Toke Makinwa has undergone since then is truly remarkable. Not only does she look incredibly stunning now, but she has also embraced her curves, becoming even more alluring and confident than before. Her journey has been marked by a noticeable increase in her s*x appeal and overall attractiveness.

3. Davido

This once rugged-looking teenager has blossomed into a remarkable young man. However, with a substantial fortune of $100 million in his account, it comes as no surprise that looking good is now the least of his concerns.


The transformation of this individual from a rougher appearance to a refined and distinguished demeanor is truly striking. As financial wealth has entered his life, he has had the means to invest in his personal style, grooming, and overall appearance.

Tiwa has undeniably embarked on a remarkable journey since her time as a hopeful participant on the British X-Factor. Alongside her growth as an artist, she has also acquired an impressive repertoire of makeup tricks that enhance her beauty.
From her early days on the X-Factor, Tiwa has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her craft and a strong work ethic, which has propelled her to great heights in the music industry. Alongside her musical achievements, she has refined her skills in the art of makeup, which is evident in her more recent appearances.



The emergence of a throwback photo of the Nollywood actress, showcasing a significantly darker complexion compared to her present appearance, has garnered attention from fans. However, it is important to approach such situations with sensitivity and respect for individual choices and personal growth.

6. Flavour

In this throwback photo, the talented singer known for his hit song “Ada Ada” appears to be reminiscing about his past when he possessed a different level of s*x appeal and a more sculpted physique. However, it’s worth noting that personal style and physical appearance can evolve over time, reflecting an individual’s growth and changing tastes.

While the throwback photo might depict a different era in the singer’s life, it’s important to appreciate that people go through natural transformations as they progress through their personal journeys. The singer’s decision to replace his hat with dreadlocks exemplifies his evolving sense of style and the exploration of different looks.
Celebrating the changes and choices an artist makes allows us to acknowledge their growth and versatility.
7. Cynthia Morgan
The unidentified girl in the throwback photo appears to be Cynthia, and it seems she has always had a penchant for bold and unconventional hairstyles. However, opinions may vary, and it is understandable that the mohawk-inspired pixie cut in the throwback photo may not resonate with everyone’s personal taste.
Fortunately, as time has passed, Cynthia, known for her popular song “German Juice,” has blossomed into a captivating and confident diva. Her alluring charm, combined with her ability to skillfully incorporate patois into her music, has earned her a dedicated following


8. Korede Bello

Reflecting upon this throwback photo of Korede Bello from his early days as the 18-year-old “Godwin” crooner, it can be quite astonishing to envision the remarkable transformation that has made him the eye-catching individual he is . Additionally, many might agree that his signature fro hairstyle is an essential part of his charismatic appeal and should never be abandoned.

When comparing the throwback photo to his present-day appearance, it becomes evident that Korede Bello has undergone a significant evolution, both in terms of his physical appearance and musical journey. From his youthful beginnings, he has grown into a bona fide eye candy, captivating the hearts of many with his undeniable charm and talent.

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