Chrisland school at it again as 12-year-old student dies during inter-house sports (photo)

Chrisland International School

is on the news again for the wrong reason. dies.

, the father of a 12-year-old student at the Opebi branch of Chrisland International School, has taken to social media to lament the death of his daughter, Whitney Adeniran, who allegedly passed away during inter-house sports activities.

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Chrisland International School, Whitney Adeniran dies
Late Whitney Adeniran

According to social media posts circulating on Saturday night, Adeniran’s daughter died on Thursday at the Agege Stadium, where the school held sporting events.


Chrisland   School and  Death of Whitney Adeniran

According to him, the child had no health condition or illness at the time she was picked up for the event by the Chrisland school bus.

Adeniran, who stated that neither he nor his wife received an explanation from the school, added that his wife was present at the stadium, but the school did not immediately notify her of the incident.

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Consequently, he has requested that the Lagos State Government and the police investigate the incident and seek justice for his murdered child.

Michael Adeniran Statement

Adeniran wrote, “I received the biggest shock of my life at 1 p.m. when my wife informed me that our daughter fainted during an inter-house competition and was rushed to the hospital.


“My wife arrived at the venue before the event even began. She was never contacted or informed until after they had transported our child out of the venue. Whitney Adeniran, my daughter was taken to the health centre upon the arrival of my wife. My daughter’s lips and tongue were black when she was found dead.

“My wife called me immediately, and when I arrived at the scene, I discovered my 12-year-old daughter dead on the ground. The school administration was unable to provide me with any information about what happened to my daughter while she was in their care.

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“I gave Chrisland school a healthy, vibrant girl, but Chrisland returned to me a child who had passed away.” My entire family is in mourning, but the school authority claims they know nothing about my daughter’s passing; all they know is that she collapsed and died.

Adeniran added that the school had neither an ambulance nor paramedics at the event, with the exception of a “quack” nurse who, according to Adeniran, later admitted that the child had died at the stadium.


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“My question is what happened to my daughter at Agege stadium?” I demand answers from Chrisland International High School as a father. I am experiencing intense pain and sorrow at the moment. If you are a father, you will appreciate my suffering. We hold my daughter in the highest regard. We cherished her existence and will never permit an institution to minimise our daughter’s passing.

Chrisland International School Reaction

Since we first posed this question. The school has requested that we abandon the autopsy, and I am aware that they are familiar with the system. I am requesting that the pathology department at @lasuth be truthful with their results. Please intervene, Lagos State government and Nigerian Government.”


Numerous Nigerians have taken to social media to demand justice for the murdered child, urging the government and police to intervene.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, could not be reached at the time this report was filed because he did not answer his phone or respond to our correspondent’s text messages.

In addition, Chrisland International School could not be reached for comment at the time this report was filed because their administrative lines were unanswered.




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