Chrisland schools speaks out about the Carnal knowledge scandal


Chrisland schools speaks out

A spokeswoman for Lagos-based Chrisland Schools has spoken out about the sex scandal involving a 10-year-old girl that forced the Lagos authorities to close all of the school’s branches.

The incident occurred on a trip to Dubai for the World School Games, which will take place between March 8 and March 14, 2022, as captured in a viral video.

Akin Fadeyi, a member of the School’s Advisory Board, published a statement amid the school’s shutdown and police investigation, providing information on the Dubai trip and how the incident occurred.


According to him, a total of 76 students were transported to Dubai.

71 of the students, according to Fadeyi, “ensured an unblemished adherence to the norms, complying by laid forth regulations and code of behavior.

“We kept our girls on the 11th floor and our boys on the 4th floor inside these 71 to make clear limits that respect moral boundaries.”


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“While we recognize the range of emotions that this has elicited, we want to reassure the public that our initial response as an institution was to adopt parental roles by providing support to those involved and ensuring that their self-esteem was not harmed.” However, after a thorough examination of the issue, we can’t help but feel outraged and worried as moms, fathers, and educators with a relationship that has a direct impact on the development of people involved.

“We were, however, compelled to engage with the parents of the remaining students who had unfortunately become involved in misconduct, and in accordance with our code of conduct processes, which are well known to the parents, we meted out measured reprimands to them in order to instill a sense of discipline and as a deterrent to others, we meted out measured reprimands to them.” This was also to remind our kids of the importance of staying on the right track and fighting negative influences.


“The disciplinary action was taken in order to be proactive in handing down the kind of discipline that strives to correct and reform our pupils when they deviate from the path of rectitude, rather than to destroy our unified culture as a community of future leaders and committed instructors.”

“While we hasten to emphasize that as an institution that manages children from a variety of backgrounds, we cannot claim or engage in any feeling of self-righteousness in our approach, we do grow and evolve every day within the frameworks of best practices.” We recognize that there is always room for improvement, and we are firmly devoted to re-evaluating our processes in order to strengthen child protection standards, while also leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the children’s self-esteem is uncompromisingly safeguarded.”

Fadeyi refuted the mother’s assertion that a pregnancy test was performed on the minor participating in the act, claiming that it was a COVID post-travel test.


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