Chrisland School viral video: Did CCTV capture what happened in Dubai?


Chrisland school viral video is currently trending as CCTV captures what really happened in Dubai

Real video of Chrisland School Scandal.

Is it true that the Chrisland school viral video is out online?

New and shocking details about the viral video scandal engulfing Chrisland Schools in Victoria Island, Lagos State, have continued to emerge.

Recall that on Sunday, a video featuring students from the school who competed in the World Schools Games went viral.


Five students from the school were seen in a sex video at the games, which were held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between March 10 and 13, 2022.

Adaure, a social media user who claimed to be familiar with the situation, said the problem was brought to the school’s attention even before the students returned to the country.

Shola Ogudu, the baby mama of Nigerian singer Wizkid, whose son, Boluwatife, attends the school, confirmed this.


Ogudu accompanied Boluwatife on the trip to Dubai.

According to the social media user, the school, in collaboration with the Lagos State Police Command and the Lagos State Welfare Department, had set up a panel to investigate the issue even before the mother of the only girl involved in the scandal raised the alarm in a video that her daughter had been raped while under the influence of drugs.


Close Circuit Television footage of everything that happened in the Dubai hotel where the team stayed had been made available to the parents and other stakeholders, according to Adaure.

“I’m just going to keep it at these points and not say anything else,” Adaure wrote.

“The boys and girls were not housed together.


“They weren’t even on the same floor,” says the narrator.

“Each room has three students.”


“Previously, the matter was handled by the police, Child Right Protection, and a PTA representative from the school.”

“There was a taped panel that included the parents of the affected children, as well as a representative from the PTA, the Lagos state police, and officials from the Lagos Child Right Services.”


“In March of this year, while competing in Dubai, this incident occurred.

“Chrisland has all of the CCTV footage from that hotel in Dubai,” he says.

“These children’s parents have also seen the footage, which is why they have been suspended.”


“At night, the teachers take turns checking on them,” the panel said.

“According to information,


“She only had s£x with that boy and no other boy,” she said in the interview. Her parents were also present, as were the authorities in that panel.

“In that video, there was a boy sleeping, and it was that boy who reported that they were messing around in his room.”

“When they came to warn her, she replied, “What is it, S£x, I’m a big girl?”

This video is in the possession of the Lagos state police.

“Until someone linked them to Instagram celebrities, the girl’s parents followed up with the school and authorities.”

“Nowhere in the videos they have does it show the girl having a relationship with another boy.”


“Since it’s just that boy, they’re unsure what caused the rape twist.”

“During the panel, all of the kids, including the girl, confirmed that it was just her and the boy. Their parents, including her mother, were present.

“There’s also no trace of drugs or anything being given to her… Despite the fact that we can’t guarantee 100 percent.

“The kids made the video for fun and to share it with their friends until it was leaked online.”

“Let’s come to a halt here because the stories are deafening.”

“Please be aware that this case is already in the hands of the police and child rights services, who have had prior knowledge of all of these.”

“They have all of the videos from Dubai as well as the panel recordings.”

“As parents, we have to give it our all.”

“It’s better for me if I did everything I could and the kids still chose to do something else than if I didn’t do enough.”

“May God guide us as parents as we raise these hyperactive, super-intelligent children.”

“I just wanted to include this for reference.”

The leadership of Nigeria’s private school owners has demanded a thorough and unbiased investigation into the indecent behavior of some Chrisland School students in Lagos State.


Watch Full Video of chrisland school viral videovideo of chrisland students and 10 year old chrisland girl video

Following the attached below we cannot upload the Real video of Chrisland School here since we have been Sued by Lagos State Ministry of Justice .


But there are other means to watch Real video of Chrisland School


Chrisland School has suspended a 10-year-old female student for participating in a Dubai truth-or-dare game.

Pupils from the elite high school traveled to Dubai in March to compete in the World School Games, which will take place between March 10 and March 13, 2022. The school was recognized for putting on a spectacular show and winning 34 medals.

Video: Heartbroken Mother of 10-Year-old Female Chrisland Student Breaks Silence.

Authorities at Chrisland School in Victoria Island Garden City told the girl’s father in a letter dated April 14, 2022, that she had engaged in “improper behavior” after playing the truth-or-dare game, describing her as a “major participant.”

Real video of Chrisland School

Chrisland Schools, in a letter signed by its principal Georgia Azike, stated, “In line with our core values centred on discipline, Chrisland Schools has zero tolerance for any improper behavior and misconduct.”

The name of the student has been withheld by the Ejes Gist Newspaper .

Other students involved in the game were suspended, according to the school, and the girl and her parents refused to cooperate during the investigation.

“As a result, [name redacted] has been placed on indefinite suspension until you, as the parents, ensure that she is properly punished, counseled, and rehabilitated,” the school said.

The letter was obtained by the Ejes Gist Newspaper just hours after social media claims about the situation surfaced. According to friends of the father’s, a pregnancy test was performed, and the school initially kept the case quiet. Chrisland’s spokesman did not respond to a request for comment on the allegations.


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Chrisland School Viral Video

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