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“Corruption resides in Aso Rock”- Ortom blows hot


blows hot, says corruption resides in Aso Rock

Samuel Ortom, the departing governor of Benue State, has claimed that ” corruption resides in the (Presidential) Villa.”

Ortom, who made the claim in an interview with Arise Television, accused the Nigerian government of orchestrating his defeat in the senatorial election.

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The Governor, who stated that he had forgiven and let go, asserted that they wanted him out by any means necessary “because they thought I was on their way.”

“The celebration of my defeat, which was organised by the (Presidential) Villa, demonstrated that they desired my removal at all costs. Monies were spent to stop me.

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“People speak of corruption, but corruption actually exists within the Villa.” I am aware of how much the Villa on Benue spent to ensure that I lose electron.

” Yes I lost. God’s permission was granted, and I have accepted it. I’ve resolved to move on.

“They believed I was on their route, but I was not on their route. All I did was ensure justice and fairness for everyone.”

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Governor Ortom was vehemently opposed to the rumoured plan of former president Buhari to relocate to Niger Republic if he felt uneasy in Nigeria after leaving office.

Ortom urged the President to abandon the idea and remain in the country to enjoy the ruin wrought by his administration.

The Governor lamented that in eight years, the once-vibrant economy that Buhari inherited in 2015 had been crippled by a lack of vision and incompetence.

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After leaving office, Buhari should not relocate to Niger Republic. He should remain with us.

“He has led us from the top to the bottom. Therefore, let him go nowhere. Let’s all remain here, work for the incoming administration, and by God’s grace rise to the top once more.”

Ortom, who served as Minister of Culture and Tourism under former President Goodluck Jonathan, recalled with regret that when Jonathan was in power, Nigeria was thriving in a variety of sectors, but that under Buhari’s watch, the country has experienced a precipitous decline.

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“When some of us had the honour of serving under President Goodluck Jonathan, we were discussing Nigeria from the bottom to the top, but now we are at the bottom.”

When asked about his relationship with his successor, Ortom stated that he would offer advice if asked.

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The outgoing governor stated that he would return to farming or become a freelance journalist upon leaving office.

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