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Latest News: Why Tinubu Cannot Be Sworn In As Court Moves To Sack Shettima


Court moves to sack Shettima as Tinubu might not be sworn in as president-elect


Kashim Shettima, Tinubu’s running mate and the newly elected vice president, has been accused of violating the Election Act, according to lawyer and Atiku spokesman Daniel Bwala, who discussed this development in an interview with Ejes Gist News


Shettima’s nomination to run for vice president and the Borno Central senatorial seat, in Bwala’s opinion, was illegal. He said that if Shettima is found to be ineligible, Tinubu would also be found to be ineligible, and his victory will be overturned, much like David Lyon, who was removed as the governor-elect of Bayelsa after his running partner, Biobarakuma, was found to be ineligible.


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“The vice presidential candidate who is now the vice president-elect, you know that it is a public record that when he accepted the nomination as a vice presidential candidate, he had not turned over his nomination as Senator,” Bwala remarked about 6:50 minutes into a video shared on YouTube. He turned over the next day, and of course, the Election Act states that when there is a case of double nomination, the candidate is disqualified.


“So, if you compare that to what the Supreme Court said in the David Lyons case, they said that since the vice presidential candidate and the presidential candidate were running together, whatever affects the vice governor affects the governor. Consequently, even on that, they would knock them off, and by the time you did, the next candidate with the most votes had won the election.”

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