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Covenant University sacks staff accused of forced se.x with students


A member of staff at who was accused of se.xual assault has been sacked.

A chat making rounds shows insiders narrating how employees force students to have se.xual relations with them.

Among those cited are those who work in the school clinic, hall monitors, and as security officers.

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A message that is going around the internet claims, “The staff at Covenant University are raping the students.”

“They will set ridiculous rules, and if the students break those rules, they will sleep with the students in exchange for continuing to have them as students.”

The person who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that a girl had been put into a coma following “an abortion for the head of the student disciplinary council.”

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More on Covenant University 

“Despite the fact that he got her pregnant, he kicked her out. The discussion continued by saying that “so many students there are being abused.”

Covenant University Alumni Committee has stated that they have acknowledged receipt of the complaint that was sent to them a week ago.

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The executive council has stated that they have become involved in order to better comprehend the situation and determine what actions should be taken.

“One of the individuals who had been called out quite a few times on social media was brought before the staff disciplinary committee.

In a statement, it was stated that “the management has decided to terminate his employment.”

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The council gave the impression that it will keep meeting with the school management and providing the public with updates.

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