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Davido: Fresh Update On Ifeanyi Adeleke’s Death Emerges


There has been a recent update on Ifeanyi Adeleke’s passing.

This online newspaper reports that the Lagos State Police Command has detained two suspects in connection with the deaths of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the son of well-known international musician Davido, and his fiancee, Chioma Rowland, and is holding them in custody until an autopsy report clears them.

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According to information gathered, the Cook and Nanny may potentially be held accountable for negligence since they had direct responsibility for caring for the deceased Ifeanyi.


The cook and nanny were the ones who had direct care for the infant, thus they are at fault until an autopsy is performed.

We have suspects who may or may not be released depending on the circumstances of the case during the course of the inquiry.

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“The family has not yet raised objections to the autopsy, but the hospital will determine how quickly it is completed. However, the next step is to examine the house’s CCTV, a source told this online newspaper.


State Police Public Relations Officer SP Benjamin Hundeyin provided an update on the situation and confirmed the detention of the perpetrators.

However, the police spokesperson chose not to provide any information in order to protect the case’s ongoing investigation.

In order to verify that we are not holding them involuntarily or illegally, he continued, “If we need to hold them for a longer period of time than necessary, we will acquire a court order.

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“I can not disclose too much about an ongoing investigation, but the two people that were held are helping us with our inquiry. The two persons who were imprisoned are helping us, while those who were released have little or no impact on the case.

Six of the eight people who were brought in for interrogation were permitted to leave, leaving the other two under arrest and hence suspects.


Ifeanyi Adeleke, who lived with his father in the Banana Island neighbourhood of Lagos State, drowned on Monday in a swimming pool.

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Later, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital in an effort to be saved, but the three-year-old was declared dead when they got there.

Eight domestic workers were subsequently invited by the police, and six of them were later freed following questioning.

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The cook and the nanny, however, were the only two who were held.

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