Davido’ Son, Ifeanyi Adeleke Is dead


Ifeanyi Adeleke, the three-year-old son of , a popular music star, has died.

According to reports, the young Adeleke drowned in a pool at the Family Residence.

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“The boy was inside water for too long, and they pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital,” a family source said under anonymity to await an official statement. “It was too late by the time they rushed him to Lagoon Hospital.”


Before Ifeanyi’s death, was seen earlier teaching him how to swim.

As the energetic boy flapped his legs, the music star carried Ifeanyi around the pool.

Davido, clearly impressed by his son’s performance, was overheard remarking on how quickly he learned.


“This one go learn quick,” he said. Ifeanyi’s parents, Chioma and Davido, had lavishly celebrated his third birthday before his tragic and unexpected death.


Davido and Chioma’s death comes years after the drowning of Nigerian singer Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’banj, and his wife Lineo Didi’s first child in 2018.


Daniel Oyebanjo III, who was only a year old, drowned in a swimming pool at Dbanj’s home in ikoyi, .

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