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Detained Police officer Who Abandoned Work Dies In Cell

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Detained Police officer, Taiye Atobiloye Who Abandoned Work Dies In Cell

Taiye Atobiloye, a police officer employed by the Kwara State Police Command, perished in a cell at the D Division of the Kogi State Police Command after being detained for being absent from duty for two days at the Zone 8 Command in Lokoja, Kogi State.

Atobiloye, whose service number was 232980 and who was assigned to the Oke Onigbin Division in Kwara State, was reportedly deployed for a month of Quick Intervention duty at the Zone 8 Command.


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The police officer was reported to have been absent from duty for two days after his return to Lokoja and was later located.
As a result of his unauthorised absence, Atobiloye was incarcerated, according to our correspondent.

A source recounting the incident’s circumstances stated that Atobiloye languished in the cell for eight days, and that the police officer perished in custody.


The source stated, “Every month, the Zone 8 Command selects police officers from each division and assigns them to special duty in Zone 8 Command, Lokoja. After one month, the police officers return home.”

“So, Atobiloye, who was assigned to the Oke Onigbin Division, was one of the police officers assigned to the Zone 8 Command in Lokoja. However, when he returned to duty, he missed two days of work and was detained in a cell for approximately eight days.

“When police officers checked on him in the cell, they discovered he had collapsed and perished in the cell. At the cell where he was detained, only offending police officers are typically detained, so it is likely that he was alone.

In a Facebook post, Femi Igbekele, a relative of the deceased officer, lamented the events that led to Atobiloye’s death and stated that his family members, including his wife, were unable to reach him by phone after he departed for special duty.

The post stated, “AP No. 232980 Inspector Taiye Atobiloye, serving at the Kwara State Command and attached to the Oke Onigbin Division, was dispatched to Lokoja Zone 8 on a special assignment known as Quick Intervention.”


“For the past eight days, all of his family members have been calling his phone number, but he has not answered. His wife has also called him, but he has not answered, until the news reached his family that he was detained at the D (Division) Lokoja and died in the cell.”

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Ruth Awi, a spokesperson for the Zone 8 Command who corroborated the development when contacted, stated that Atobiloye, after reporting for special duty at the command, absconded and was nowhere to be found for two days until police officers discovered him drunk.

She stated that the officer was detained for his own protection and that he died in custody.
She stated, “He was detained at the D Division in Lokoja, not at the Zonal Headquarters.” He reported to the Zonal Headquarters and then vanished into thin air; there are penalties for those who abandon their duties without justification. But in his case, he not only missed work, he was also inebriated when he was discovered.

“In order for the effects of the alcohol to wear off, the supervisor instructed him to remain in his cell for two days until he is able to answer questions about where he came from and where he went. Therefore, he was confined at the D Division for two or three days before we learned that he had surrendered.”


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