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Dino Melaye: “You need Maturity” Dino Claps back at Obi for Arise TV Debate Outburst


Demands Apology From Over Debate Outburst, Says Labour Presidential Candidate Needs Maturity

Senator Dino Melaye, the spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party presidential campaign council, has sought an apology from nominee Peter Obi.

During the presidential town hall meeting hosted by Arise TV in Abuja on Sunday night, Peter Obi became enraged and attacked Melaye after the latter made a comment about him.

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When a voter rose to ask a question of the presidential contenders, Dino was overheard shouting, “Na wa o, Obi people.” This is when the commotion began.

Dino was yelled at by Peter Obi, who yelled back.

“Dino, hold it. Why do you call me so frequently? That will not do for me. He is an ANPP member. Why do you refer to him as Obi people?” Peter Obi stated, clearly irritated.

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Melaye noted that he did not harm Peter Obi when he declared on Monday that someone running for president of Nigeria must be composed.

He emphasized that Obi should be calm like the governor of Delta State and that a candidate for the presidency should not be responding to the public in such a way.

“He was not provoked,” he claimed, adding that I was seated a long way from where they were sitting in the top seat. I omitted using his name.

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I was astounded to witness that kind of explosion from a presidential contender. Does he intend to become that kind of president? Simply taking on roles and acting in an unpresidential manner?

“I did not take any action. Therefore, that outburst was uncalled for, exceedingly unpresidential, and unbecoming of a leader.

“A leader must be responsible. One who wishes to lead this nation needs to be understanding, patient, and persistent.

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In a video he shared on his page on Monday, Melaye stated that these qualities are universally recognized as essential to leadership.

“You want to be the President of Nigeria, so why are you acting in such a public manner? This one will deny ADC the presidency. So let me set the record straight: There was nothing, and I did not harm him.

I deserve a sincere apology from the former governor of Anambra State for being so aroused and swept up by Governor Okowa’s performance.

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He was so incensed and enraged by Governor Okowa’s behaviour that he claimed that an outsider was an ANPP member. Does that make sense? Is there currently a party in Nigeria that is similar to the ANPP?

Next time you want to engage in a debate, “be as composed as Governor Okowa,” he advised. “But that was very unpresidential, and I deserve a serious apology.”

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