Dollar to Naira Today Black Market June 16, 2024: USD to NGN CBN Rate

Dollar to naira today black market exchange rates

Find the Latest Dollar to Naira Today Black Market: Exchange Rates and Insights.

Navigating the currency exchange landscape in Nigeria requires up-to-date knowledge of the dollar to naira rates. As of June 16, 2024, this comprehensive guide provides the latest exchange rates from both the black market and official windows, including insights from platforms like Geegpay and Grey. Additionally, we’ll explore the factors influencing these rates and answer frequently asked questions.

N.B. on USD to NGN Exchange Rate: Please note that the parallel market rates in Nigeria are not the official exchange rate, but they have become the easiest means to buy and sell dollars.


Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

The black market, also known as the parallel market, offers more attractive rates compared to official channels. However, these transactions come with inherent risks, such as the potential for fraud and legal complications. Currently, the black market rates for dollar to naira are as follows:

  • Buying Rate: ₦1,480
  • Selling Rate: ₦1,485 – ₦1,487

These rates fluctuate frequently, influenced by demand and supply dynamics, geopolitical factors, and economic conditions.

Geegpay and Grey Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates

For Geegpay dollar  to Exchange Rates


Geegpay provides competitive exchange rates for various currencies, facilitating digital transactions for ease and convenience. As of today:

  • EUR (€): Buying at ₦1,690.03, Selling at ₦1,695.55
  • GBP (£): Buying at ₦1,950, Selling at ₦1,965
  • USD ($): Buying at ₦1,500, Selling at ₦1,550

Grey Exchange Rates

Grey also offers favorable exchange rates and reliable service for currency transactions:

  • EUR (€): Buying at ₦1,640.03, Selling at ₦1,719.18
  • GBP (£): Buying at ₦1,902, Selling at ₦2,015.15
  • USD ($): Buying at ₦1,440, Selling at ₦1,500.90

Both platforms have become popular for their ease of use, transparency, and competitive rates, making them viable alternatives to traditional exchange methods.

Latest Dollar to Naira CBN Exchange Rate

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) sets the official exchange rates, which are typically lower than black market rates but come with the stability of regulation:

  • Buying Rate: ₦1,467
  • Selling Rate: ₦1,470

CBN rates reflect government policies aimed at stabilizing the naira and managing the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

Comparing Official and Black Market Rates

There is a significant disparity between official and black market rates. While the black market offers higher rates, the associated risks are substantial. The CBN advises using official channels to avoid fraud and legal issues. Official rates, regulated by the government, are more stable and reliable, providing a safer option for transactions.

Pounds and Euro to Naira Exchange Rates

For those dealing in other currencies, here are the latest rates:


Pounds to Naira (CBN Rates)

  • Buying Rate: ₦1,890
  • Selling Rate: ₦1,905

Euro to Naira (Black Market Rates)

  • Buying Rate: ₦1,615
  • Selling Rate: ₦1,625

These rates are also subject to fluctuations based on market conditions and economic policies.


What is the current dollar to naira exchange rate in the black market?


The current black market rate for the dollar to naira is around ₦1,480 for buying and between ₦1,482 and ₦1,485 for selling.

How does the CBN exchange rate compare to the black market rate?

The CBN exchange rate is slightly lower, with the buying rate at ₦1,465 and the selling rate at ₦1,470. The black market rates are typically higher due to demand and supply factors.


Are online platforms like Geegpay and Grey reliable for currency exchange?

Yes, platforms like Geegpay and Grey are reliable and offer competitive rates. They are convenient for individuals and businesses engaged in international transactions.

Why does the dollar to naira exchange rate fluctuate?


The exchange rate fluctuates due to various factors, including economic policies, inflation, global economic conditions, and market speculation.

Is it safe to use the black market for currency exchange?

While the black market may offer better rates, it carries risks such as fraud and legal issues. It’s advisable to use official channels for safer transactions.

How can businesses manage exchange rate risks?

Businesses can manage exchange rate risks through hedging strategies, diversifying income sources, and regularly monitoring market trends.

Conclusion on Black Market Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

Staying informed about the dollar to naira exchange rate is essential for navigating Nigeria’s economic landscape. While the black market offers attractive rates, the risks involved often outweigh the benefits. Therefore, using official channels and reliable online platforms is recommended for safer and more transparent transactions.

Dollar to Naira Today Black Market Exchange Rates
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