Drop Your Presidential Ambition — Satguru Maharaj Ji Begs Atiku


Drop your presidential ambition — Satguru Maharaj Ji begs Atiku




While celebrating his actual birthday on Earth, Satguru Maharaj Ji, the Living Perfect Master, urged Nigeria to have good while also pleading with the PDP’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election to give up his bid for office.


Maharaji Ji expressed his position at a news conference held yesterday at Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, the Highest Spiritual Center of the Universe, in the Agege neighborhood of Iju, , Nigeria, and the ECOWAS Region.






According to Maharaji Ji, Atiku Abubakar should not be the president of Nigeria because “by the grace of the grace, as the Divine instrument holding Nigeria from going to war and as the Living Perfect Master of the Universe who is empowered by the Creator to ensure universal peace and harmony, I feel fully qualified to please, in the name of all our Ancestors in Africa, to call on the West African Elders Forum who are currently in Nigeria on a Pre-Election Assessment Mission to kindly join the voices of sincere, honest and patriotic Nigerians call where some of the Northern Elders Forum has kept numb for Atiku Abubakar, Presidential candidate of the PDP to drop his ambition to contest the elections for many reasons.




“One of which is his inordinate ambition to truncate the ongoing political process and arrangement of 8 (eight) years rule being shared by the North and South over the years is an experience which has not only worked so well among the Nigerian political development but has also helped to hold the diverse peoples of Nigeria together and deepened the love of all for a united Nigeria.


“Another demonic act which is viewed by the majority of Nigerians and Africans as a treasonable and egregious act of impunity, hatred and utter disregard for the achievements made so far in the struggle to free Nigerians from the shackles of tribal wars, economic bondage is the bombshell made by Atiku that and I quote ‘Northerners should not vote for the Yoruba and Igbo Presidential candidates,’ and hear him further…. ‘I have traversed the whole of the country… This is what the Northerner needs.’



” He (Northerner) doesn’t need a Yoruba candidate or an Igbo. This is what the Northerner needs. I stand before you as a pan Nigerian of Northern origin,” Maharaji Ji disclosed.



He stated that Atiku’s comments are advance warnings to Nigerians that he would not keep the country as one. “This is an advance warning that this guy will never hold the country together but divide it through wanton destruction of the existing beacons of unity that have been built on ground now.”


He said Nigerians should not underestimate Atiku Abubakar “We can not underestimate Atiku Abubakar’s Freudian slip, something that slips from somebody’s mouth unintentionally, which reveals the person’s deep feelings and plans about something.





Unlike the APC campaigns of 2014 which led them to victory, such bizarre vituperations/statements made by the APC group then, were because the incumbent President wanted to break the promise he made earlier to the Elders that he was going to spend one term after completing late Yar Adua’s tenure coupled with the fact that he turned deaf ears to all entreaties by some Elders and even insulted and called the Elders touts for taking a strong stand for peace.


“Atiku’s case is different and shows how a cantankerous person he is, and it does not matter whether there is a cabal group pushing him to undermine the South in order to forfeit all he has on earth due to his greediness, selfishness and complete lack of proper understanding of the plight of hardworking Nigerians and Nigeria as the world’s largest black nation who are comparatively and globally highly conscious educationally, physically and spiritually and so we can say that federal character academicians and politicians are more in strategic places than the Atlanteans hence their fear of the unknown which allows somebody like Atiku to want to contest elections where there is an agreement on ground that, nobody, no matter how highly placed, can truncate.




Atiku Abubakar’s statement is highly felonious, divisive, provocative, ethnocentric and tribalistic, made before a group of unknown Arewa Joint Committee, is rather unpatriotic, demonic and insensitively a neo-colonialist heading a group of Nigerians who do not know that Black Africa is still searching for her roots beyond building roads, houses, churches, mosques, schools without guarantee of a life of both the young and old and right now we are in a godless state, where MONEY IS GOD and all means of ensuring peace has been thrown into the wind just because the present day African does not know that his mind is conditioned and manipulated by the Caucasian Nations who have turned Nigeria and Africa under the Sahara into farmlands to carry everything – their children, fathers and mothers and material resources, as they like.”



Speaking on other national political and societal issues, the Perfect Master stated that Mothers should not wear trousers and expose the sensitive parts of their bodies which are the root causes of disasters, giving birth to polio children; “Gay or homosexual life should be condemned because to most of us, it creates bad spirits, witches, Emere, etc., and it is the foundation for disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, due to taboos for misdirecting the pure energy within man.”




He stated that abortion should be prevented and if at all, should be done on the advice of the traditionalists who will divine to know the spirits of the child or at best consult an Ashram Premie, a step that could have been taken good care of with the receipt of Divine Knowledge.


Satguru Maharaji Ji said that money for pilgrimage should be used for building roads, schools, Civic centres, caring for aged mothers and fathers since it has been discovered that such trips are unnecessary and that the Creator lives within man and can be contacted.



“All commercial vehicles should avoid blue colour because this is the major cause of accidents on the road. They should embrace red, yellow, pink, black, and white colours as this will reduce accidents on our roads.


“Since the North have Sharia Court, there should also be Egbesu, , and Amadioha Courts.



“There should be an Executive Order that anyone that is 61 years and above should not pay for transport fare again on public transport.



“All Local Government Chairmen that have served in the last 10 years should be asked to give an account of the projects executed by them.




The federal government should give the Executive Order that Bible knowledge and Islamic studies should be replaced with tradition and culture studies as they are full of rites and rituals that are causing unimaginable horrors in the society and that 50% of the problems to disappear in Nigeria, Nigerians Should change their names from English and religious name to their native names and as a result, the Creator back to them.”



He said there should be financial autonomy for judiciary workers to pay their salary by themselves, adding that there should be an Executive Order that there must be judicial police to enforce the judgement in the law court, drug barons should be given life in jail, the federal government should give an Executive Order to ban all states in the federation from cutting the hands of offenders for stealing, the federal government should give an Executive Order to ban asking questions like What’s your religion? Where is your state of origin?

Maharaji Ji said the federal government should ensure all governors whose States cannot pay a minimum wage of N30,000 are merged with other States and that the federal government should make Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and French be compulsory for pass in school certificate exams, among other critical national questions.




Drop your presidential ambition — Satguru Maharaj Ji begs Atiku



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