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–Corps members assigned to an unfavorable place of primary assignment (PPA) might transfer to another PPA. Surprisingly, “how ? is one of the most commonly requested queries by Corps members. As a result, in this post, we’ll show you how to change your PPA.
Please note that in order for you to change your NYSC Place of Primary Assignment, you must first get a “rejection” letter from the head of the PPA to which you were initially assigned. As a result, a refusal letter from the PPA you want to change is your lucky ticket to successfully changing your existing PPA.
The rejection letter is proof that your present PPA does not require your services, which is why you wish to switch to another PPA that does.
Getting a rejection letter from your PPA, on the other hand, may not be as simple as it sounds, because the PPA you want to quit may not want to let you go, especially if you are a valuable asset to them.

What exactly is the NYSC PPA?

PPA stands for Primary Assignment Location. After completing 21 days of training at the Orientation Camp, corps members are assigned to a location to carry out their national tasks. Firms, schools, companies, ministries, establishments, and other places may be assigned to Corps members.

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Why would a corps member change their NYSC PPA?

A corps member may want to modify his or her PPA for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that he doesn’t like the location.
I was stationed in Abia State throughout my NYSC. After the completion of 21 days of training in the orientation camp, I was assigned to a PPA in a rural community.
I had hoped to serve in a city, but instead was assigned to a village school. Because I had no plans to settle in a rural village, it felt like a death sentence to me. I had no idea I could change my PPA. To make a long story short, I squandered an entire year in a remote village.

The best guide to change your NYSC PPA

To change your NYSC PPA, follow these steps:

1. File a complaint with the NYSC

Taking your grievances to NYSC is another way to modify your PPA. You must write a letter of request to your Local Inspector (LGI), Zonal Inspector (ZI), or the state coordinator for NYSC service. The letter should be written in the format of a request to modify your PPA. Explain why you wish to alter your PPA. Because most PPA do not provide enough housing, you can use this as a selling argument or inform NYSC that your life is in jeopardy.


You can bring it up if you have other valid reasons. I’m sure they’ll move you to another PPA if your reasons are compelling enough. So far, I’ve shown you two gentle methods for altering your PPA. There are, however, other ‘difficult’ approaches. Is it possible for you to imitate Nollywood actors? If the situation calls for it, I believe you can.

You will get another PPA if you can perform the following tasks flawlessly.


How To Change Your NYSC PPA

2. Polite Discussions

You’ll need to work out a deal with the PPA’s boss if you wish to leave. Request that the Boss reject you politely. You’d be on your way to another PPA if you are rejected.


Polite discussions may not always succeed, especially if your PPA boss finds you valuable.

For example, if you’re assigned to a private school that doesn’t have a math teacher and you’ve taken mathematics-related courses, the school’s owner is unlikely to write a rejection note for you.


Most businesses, churches, and schools write to NYSC to seek a specific number of Corps members to serve in their organizations. Some of these employers have been eagerly anticipating your arrival, and now that you’ve here, they’ll do anything to keep you. As a result, your polite negotiations may fall flat. However, if you have compelling reasons to assist your request, you might be in luck.

According to a study, negotiating PPA’rejection’ with public schools is significantly easier than with private schools. This is because some public schools may not care if they are short on teachers because it is the government’s job to provide them.

The hard way on How To Change Your NYSC PPA 


3. Aggression Display

This can be amusing, but believe me when I say it works. An aggressive workforce is something that no employer wants. What you should do is as follows:

Pretend to be aggressive while reporting to your PPA for the first time. Flair up at every remark made by your PPA’s executive director. Always rant and refuse to listen to others.


When you meet your boss (the head of your PPA), greet him as an angry man (don’t be pleasant at all).

  • How To Change Your NYSC PPA

As an example;


If you have been assigned to a secondary school but you don’t like it and want to change your PPA. Act at the Principal’s office as follows:


You: (in an irritated tone) Good morning!

Principal: hello there, How are you doing?


You are: (No response)

Principal: Could you tell me who you are and how I may assist you?


You: (show him your posting letter) My name is there, and I’m going to your fucking school.

Be abrasive with him. Tell him up front that he must adhere to all of the terms of your posting letter, including providing adequate lodging. Even a desperate employer will reject and let you leave even before you ask for it because of your aggressive actions.

4. Pretend to stammer.

Wow! If you can act well, this trick will almost certainly work. You must have seen a lot of Nollywood movies to be able to act. Pretend to stammer the first time you report to your PPA with your posting letter. Always be the first to welcome the school’s principal.

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You: Good mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor mor

Principal: Good morning, how are you doing ?

You: My name is  Da Dan, my ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne n is Daniiiiieeeeeeel

Remember that you stammer, so stammer with every word that comes out of your lips.

Then inform the principal that you wish to pursue a challenging subject such as English or Mathematics.

I’m sure the principle will see to it that your rejection letter reaches your LGI.

Note: Maintain a serious demeanor and do not stammer longer than necessary before laughing. If you laugh at yourself, the Principle may recognize you’re acting and still accept you.

  • The best guide On How To Change Your NYSC PPA

5. Act as if you’re a naughty boy

Acting or speaking like a dirty guy is another technique to persuade your PPA to reject you. This strategy, however, would only be appropriate for male Corps members.


Address the Principle with a word like “dude” on the first day you report to your PPA.


(You walked into the Principal’s office.)

You: (instead of saying “Good morning Sir”), how far have you come?

Then, at some point during the chat, inform the Principle, “I hope your female pupils’ v*gina are extremely sweet?” For my normal press up, I choose a soft and tight one.”

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Look at the buttocks of each female instructor or student passing by and kiss your lip in adoration.

With this, I’m confident the Principle will dismiss you and dismiss you from his office.

Note: If you receive a rejection letter from your PPA, take it to your LGI, who will either re-post you to another location or help you find a PPA.


WARNING: Inducing your own rejection is against NYSC rules. This article is solely for the purpose of education.

The NYSC statutes prohibit you from requesting that your PPA supervisor reject you because you dislike the location. Engaging in such behavior could result in a penalty.

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