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EFCC salary Structure in Nigeria : Efcc Ranks and Salary In Nigeria


Full details on  EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria  as approved by the Federal Government

EFCC Ranks & Salary Structure in Nigerian

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, also known as the EFCC, which is the backbone for the fight against corruption has a variety of job positions and ranks for their staff members.


If you are one of the individuals who are interested in learning everything there is to know about the existing ranks and salary structure of the EFCC, then this post will do justice to that topic and explain everything to you in terms that are easy to understand.

About EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, also known as the EFCC, is a law enforcement agency in Nigeria that is responsible for maintaining national security and managing and apprehending criminals involved in economic and financial crimes. The commission is responsible for recruiting staff for various departments within the agency so that they can work toward accomplishing the commission’s goal.

In spite of the fact that they are a security company, there is very little public information about the salary structure that they use to pay their employees. Ejes Gist Media conducted research with reputable authorities in order to come up with this information.


Before we get into the salary structure and ranks, let’s first discuss the function of the EFCC as a regulatory agency that ensures compliance with laws.

The role of the EFCC

As a law implementation agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission researches and arrest public offenders on issues of monetary violations, illegal tax, money laundering, yahoo Yahoo ( Cyber crime )  and other money related crimes in the country.

History of EFCC

The Federal Government of Nigeria established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2003 as an agency to combat the problem of extortion for financial gain that was plaguing the country at the time. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has its headquarters and central administrative office in Abuja, as well as regional branches located throughout the country. A chairman serves as the leader of the commission. In a previous article, we went into greater detail about the list of EFCC chairmen from the organization’s founding until the present day.

Some of Prominent Persons Arrested By The EFCC

The primary objective of the agency remains to arrest issues of money laundering, and they have since been successful in responding to it. Here  are some prominent Nigerians who have been arrested by the EFCC: Read it Here

1.  orji Uzor kalu
2.  Lawal Jafaru Isa
3.  Emeka Mba
4.  Jide Omokore
5.  Tom Ikimi
7.  Ricky Tarfa
8.  Bala Ngilari
9.  Patrick Akpobolokemi
10.  Sambo Dasuki
11.  Musiliu Obanikoro
12.  Alhaji Abdullahi Dikko
13.  Alex Badeh
14.  Ismaila Mustapha popularly known as Mompha
15.  Raymond Dokpesi
16.  Joshua Dariye
17.  Jolly Nyame


18  Olisa Metuh

19. Femi Fani-Kayode

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC Ranks

The EFCC ranks for its staff are different from other regulatory bodies, but the three major ranks are:

The EFCC ranks for its staff are different from other regulatory bodies.


  1. Detective Superintendent.
  2. Also, Detective Inspectorate.
  3. Furthermore, Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets.

The Six  Major Division in  EFCC 

There are six divisions in the EFCC where their staffs are ranked, they include;

  1. The Administrative Division.
  2. Also, the Capacity Development Division.
  3. Furthermore, the Research and Publication Division.
  4. Additionally, the Networking and Collaboration Division.
  5. Also, the Certificate Courses Division.
  6. Additionally, the Cadets Division.

The staff and workers of the commission are ranked into these division.

EFCC Salary Structure Currently 

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission pay a considerate salary to it staff with respect to their ranks in the comission. As a security agency, the pay is relatively good. Lets look at how much the EFCC pays its staff.


An entry level staff with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission earns about ₦158,000 as salary, while the EFCC pays a graduate assistant a salary of ₦201,075 as normal pay rate on a monthly basis. A Deputy Detective which is of a higher rank at the commisssion receives about ₦245,000 as monthly salary.

The offices in the agency incorporate Graduate Assistant and Deputy Detective Superintendent also.

EFCC Salary Structure for Entry Level Staff

A Graduate Assistant at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission receives a pay of ₦158,000 as salary at entry level. This amout will run from 0 – 2 years of service, and may be augmented after.


EFCC Mid-Level Salary for Graduate Assistant ( EFCC salary for graduate ) 

A graduate employee of the Commission, after finishing 2 years first experience in his/her job postion with the body, is subjected to a mid-level salary increase running from around 3 – 9 years experience with the organisation.

Though the pay for these category of staff is more voluminous than the entry level, but however, we truly not know for the time being, the exact salary for Graduate Assistant at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). But we will dig deep  for more data as regards to the salary structure for these Staff.

EFCC Senior Level Salary for Graduate Assistant ( EFCC salary Structure in Nigeria

According to reliable sources,  the mid-level is a more supreme rank of staff, which is the senior level graduate assistant Officer. The EFCC senior-level Graduate Assistant of the commission are graduate employees or staff with 10 years  working experience with the agency.


The basic salary paid for these Graduate Assistant at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is currently not available at the time of this post. But that nevertheless, Ejes Gist Media will continue to research for more information about them and update their salary structures, when the information is available.

EFCC salary for detective superintendent (EFCC salary Structure in Nigeria )

The Detective Superintendent is another rank in the EFCC.  The monthly Basic salary for a Deputy Detective is ₦245,000, according to a reliable source within the Agency. .  The salary of these staff are  a higher  due to the fact that they have more than 10 years of experience with the Commission.

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EFCC Entry Level Salary for Deputy Detective Superintendent

Passage level for Deputy Detective is the range of 0-2 years from entering from being an Agent Deputy Detective.


The salary structure for these security personels are more advanced than the previous, due to the differing years of being in the job. Nonetheless, the exact salary structure for Passage level Deputy Detective Assistant in EFCC is not available for the time being. We will keep on sifting through for more data as respects to this.

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EFCC Mid-Level Salary for Deputy Detective Superintendent

A Deputy Detective in EFCC on a mid-level is paid about ₦245,000 by the Commission on  a monthly basis. These category of employees are those that advanced from the passage level, and also have 3 – 9 years experience as a Deputy detective.

EFCC Senior-Level Salary Structures for Deputy Detective Superintendent

The EFCC Senior-Level Deputy Detective Superintendent is a superior rank to Mid-level Deputy Detective Superintendent in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ,EFCC.

Due to the lack of information to discuss the amount Senior-level Deputy Detective are paid,  this Medium could not authenticate their salary structures.  But don’t worry, we will try to get it through for more information as regards to thier salary structure.

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THE AVERAGE SALARY OF EFCC Staff , including clearness  IS ₦50,000 MONTHLY.

There you have it on this post “Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Ranks and Salary Structure.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

In Conclusion

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC  is a security law-enforcement agency that has staff in different positions. Due to the nature of their jobs and respect accord to them, many Nigerians are desperate to work with the  commission.

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