Egyptian Authorities orders over 500 Nigerian students back to sudan, see why


Egypt orders over 500 Nigerian students back to Sudan over missing passports


The failure of two Nigerian students to carry their passports or emergency travel certificates has enraged Egyptian authorities, who have returned more than 500 Nigerian students to Sudan.


A Nigerian official who spoke in a voice note as saying that students without passports or ETC were instructed to wait.



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The official was also quoted as saying that two students without any of the required documents were impatient and joined their classmates, and that the Egyptian authorities were furious and ordered that all the students be returned to Sudan to obtain the necessary permits.


The voice message stated, “Our children have thwarted the efforts of the federal government to airlift them. All students with passports were permitted to proceed to the Egypt airport, while those without passports were required to wait until an ETC was issued to them in order to travel.


“Now, the two students have been discovered at the airport in Aswan, and the Egyptian government is furious. Now, every stranded Nigerian must return to Sudan.


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Over 500 Nigerians were transported, and everyone will return to Sudan. They must obtain an exit permit and then another permit to return to Egypt. This will result in a nearly 10-hour delay.”


In addition, the official stated, “In the midst of the chaos, a child snuck into Egypt. We can’t locate him. The two students would be subject to legal action, with students at Port Sudan warned to behave in a coordinated manner to avoid being returned to Khartoum.


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