Elon Musk slashes Twitter verification fee to $8


The verification cost has been reduced from $20 per month to $8 per month as a result of an announcement made by , who is the sole director of Twitter.

On Tuesday, Musk revealed this information to the public in a series of tweets.

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The billionaire detailed the advantages of having a paid verified handle, such as having priority in searches, answers, and mentions, and he stated that these advantages will assist in the prevention of scams.


He also mentioned that the fee would allow Twitter to compensate the people who create content.

He argued that the existing “lords and peasants” mechanism that Twitter uses to determine who does and does not get a blue checkmark is “bullshit.” To the people, with power! Blue for a monthly fee of $8.

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The price was modified based on the purchasing power parity of each country.


“In addition to that, you will receive: – Priority in answers, mentions, and searches, which is absolutely necessary to avoid being scammed or subjected to spam.

The ability to upload lengthy audio and video content “Half the number of advertisements” And circumvention of paywalls for publications who are ready to collaborate with us.

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This will also provide a cash source for Twitter, which will allow it to compensate content providers.

Someone who is a public figure will have a secondary tag placed below their name, similar to how politicians already have this designation.

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