Emir of Aba: Ikpeazu Frowns at Plans to Make Northern Emir in Igbo land


: Abia State Government Frowns At Plans To Install Northern Emir

The government of Abia state has sent a warning to the people who are supposedly making plans to crown and install Sarki Shehu 11 as the Emir of Aba Emirate Council.

Chris Ezem, who is the Secretary to the State Government, said in a press release that the idea was strange, illegal, and had no permission.


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The statement, which came out on February 8, 2023, said:

The statement said, “The attention of the Government of Abia State has been drawn to a plan to crown one Sarki Shehu Bello 11 as the Emir of Aba Emirate Council without going through the Government.”

“The government wants to tell everyone involved in this illegal and unapproved coronation to stop right away or be ready to face the full force of the law.”


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“Government orders that the planned illegal coronation be stopped right away, as there is no Aba Emirate Council in the State.

The government also tells everyone in the state, especially those who live in Aba, to follow the law.

Agents in charge of keeping the peace in the state have been told to move quickly and make sure that nothing like this happens in Aba or anywhere else in the state.


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