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Executive Order 22: Wike Signs Fresh Executive Order to Ban Use of Residential Areas as Campaign Offices, Ban Posters


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: Gov Wike Bans Use Of Residential Areas As Campaign Offices

River State Governor has signed Executive Order RVSG-22, which prohibits political parties in from using locations, buildings, and structures in residential neighbourhoods in both urban and non-urban areas as campaign headquarters.

Alagbo Chris Finebone, the commissioner for information and communication for the state of Rivers, said in a press release that the Executive Order also forbids the posting of bills, posters, or any other materials in unapproved locations.

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According to the statement, denounced the ongoing vandalism of pricey public properties, particularly in Port Harcourt, by signing the order and denouncing the posting of handbills, banners, posters, and other types of unauthorized materials.

The Rivers State Commissioner for Urban and Physical Planning must grant permission for any political party, association, or group of people regardless of their name or description to use a location in a residential neighbourhood in any urban area of Rivers State as a campaign office, according to Executive Order 22.


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The Commissioner also mentioned that on Friday, Executive Order RVSG-22, which imposes legal requirements on political parties before they can conduct campaigns in different regions of the state, went into effect.

The Governor previously forbade political parties from using public schools for political campaigns without the state Ministry of Education’s consent, stating that the ministry must be informed at least two weeks prior to the date of any campaign in a school.

Executive Order 22: Gov Wike Bans Use Of Residential Areas As Campaign Offices

He added that applicants would also put down a $5 million caution fee in case students damaged the schools’ facilities.

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He said that if permission is not obtained, the chairman of the local council has the authority to put an end to any gathering.

As the election season gets underway, the governor issued a warning that the state government will not tolerate political parties and their followers disturbing the quiet.

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