Finidi George: NFF To Hire Foreign Technical Adviser For Super Eagles After Poor World Cup Qualifiers

Finidi George
Finidi George

Nigeria to hire Foreign Technical Adviser following  Super Eagles led by Finidi George poor World Cup Qualifiers outing. 

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has opted to replace Finidi George with a foreign Technical Adviser for the Super Eagles. This decision follows the team’s disappointing performance in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, where they managed only three points from four matches.

Tenure of Finidi George and Recent Struggles.

Finidi George, a former Nigerian football legend, had been leading the Super Eagles with high expectations. However, the team’s recent outings in the World Cup qualifiers have been lackluster. The Super Eagles, once considered strong contenders, have struggled to secure victories, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among fans and officials alike.


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Finidi George Disappointing World Cup Qualifiers

The turning point came after a series of poor results: a 1-1 home draw against South Africa and a surprising 1-2 loss to Benin Republic, coached by former mentor Gernot Rohr. These performances severely hindered Nigeria’s chances of advancing in the World Cup qualifiers, prompting urgent calls for a change in leadership.

NFF’s Decision and Future Plans

In an emergency Executive Committee meeting, the NFF resolved to employ a foreign Technical Adviser to bring new expertise and strategies to the team. Although the statement did not explicitly mention the fate of Finidi George, sources indicate that he may remain as head coach, albeit in a demoted capacity.


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Statement from the NFF

The NFF acknowledged the public’s disappointment and apologized for the team’s poor performance. The federation assured Nigerians that they are committed to revitalizing the national football program and preparing a stronger squad for the upcoming AFCON 2025 qualifiers and the remaining World Cup qualifying matches.

Government Pressure and Accountability

The decision to seek a foreign Technical Adviser also came in response to pressure from the Nigerian government. The sports minister had demanded explanations for the team’s poor performance, underscoring the need for accountability and immediate action to restore the Super Eagles’ standing.

NFF’s Commitment to Reforms


In addition to hiring a new adviser, the NFF plans to overhaul its technical department and policy-making structures. This includes enhanced scouting efforts to identify talented Nigerian players globally, ensuring the team is well-prepared for future competitions.

Challenges and Broader Reforms

The NFF faces significant challenges in implementing these changes, particularly in addressing internal resistance to statutory amendments. These reforms aim to address longstanding issues within the NFF’s governance, including the composition and eligibility criteria of the Executive Committee.

Stakeholders’ Forum and Statutory Amendments

The NFF plans to convene a Stakeholders’ Forum to deliberate on these amendments in collaboration with FIFA. The proposed changes are expected to broaden the Congress and Executive Committee, making the NFF more inclusive and responsive to the needs of Nigerian football.

Finidi George’s Legacy and Future

Finidi George, despite the recent setbacks, remains a respected figure in Nigerian football. His contributions as a player and coach have left a lasting impact on the sport in Nigeria. As the NFF navigates this transitional period, George’s role within the team will likely evolve, but his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.


Looking Ahead

The upcoming changes signify a new chapter for the Super Eagles. With a foreign Technical Adviser and renewed focus on scouting and development, the team aims to bounce back stronger in the AFCON 2025 qualifiers and future World Cup campaigns.



Why is the NFF hiring a foreign Technical Adviser? The NFF is hiring a foreign Technical Adviser to bring new expertise and strategies to the Super Eagles following their poor performance in the World Cup qualifiers.

What happens to Finidi George? Finidi George may remain as head coach in a demoted capacity, although the exact details are yet to be confirmed.


What led to the decision to replace Finidi George? The decision followed a series of disappointing results in the World Cup qualifiers, including a draw with South Africa and a loss to Benin Republic.

How is the Nigerian government involved in this decision? The Nigerian government, through the sports minister, demanded accountability for the team’s poor performance, prompting the NFF to take immediate action.

What other reforms is the NFF planning? The NFF plans to overhaul its technical department, enhance scouting efforts, and amend its statutes to improve governance and inclusivity.


Will these changes affect the upcoming AFCON qualifiers? The NFF aims to have a better-prepared squad for the AFCON 2025 qualifiers, leveraging the new Technical Adviser and improved scouting and training strategies.

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