3 Foods That Can Damage Your Eyes Now


Ejes Gist News has curated a list of 3 Foods That Can Damage Your Now, when you consume them regularly.

Good eyesight they say is supported by a healthy diet, while poor vision is as a result of unhealthy diet. But the term “healthy eating” is rather vague.

Now, how can we choose which meals to avoid in order to maintain healthy eye sight?.


These categories include the vast majority of harmful foods, such as those that are harmful to the eyes.


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This article on Ejesgist.ngwill examine a number of foods that, if consumed frequently, can cause eye damage.

When Consumed Regularly

1. sweetened drinks

One usual suspect that has been added to the list of foods that are hazardous for your eyes is sweetened beverages.


Consuming too much sugar, including the kind found in carbonated beverages, can raise your risk of AMD.

2. Adding flavour to meat

The detrimental effects of eating processed meats on eyesight and overall health are widely recognised.


I am referring to high-sodium processed lunch meats like cooked ham, bacon, and sausages.


Despite the fact that salt has been used as a preservative for centuries, it is now routinely and excessively added to food, which is detrimental to your eyesight and overall health.

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3. Fried foods

Your body will not appreciate it, despite the fact that fried foods are delicious, if you fill your plate with them on a regular basis.

Fatty oils utilised in the preparation of fried foods are unquestionably not good for the eyes.


Once again, research has shown that certain diets can increase cholesterol and cause AMD.

By obstructing the arteries, high levels of bad cholesterol increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and possibly vision loss.


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