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Full Details of ANIDS Model used by Peter Obi as a governor of Anambra

Ejes Gist Newspaper critical review of , Former Governor’s Administration using  

The was the name given to the government’s action plan when the administration came into power in 2006.

What was the Aim of ?

was designed in line with the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] of Ending Extreme Poverty and Hunger, Promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Reducing Child Mortality, Improving Maternal Health, Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other Diseases, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Partnership in Development are the foundation of this innovative initiative.


What Opponents said about ANIDS Model 

Even if the governor had good intentions, his detractors mocked the idea that he could concurrently advance development in all spheres in , a state without oil riches that was also essentially held prisoner by bandits.

Many of his supporters questioned whether he was not fusing dreams and reality too much. However, the majority of people did not take into account the Almighty God, who chooses leaders and gives those who revere Him the ability to have a good impact on their societies.

Peter Obi’s Administration in Anambra and ANIDS Model 

The Obi administration, in its second term and six years in office, had a significant impact on the polity, economy, and social standing of the State through its ANIDS model.


Across the board, there are outstanding and fact-based results supported by testimonies from the individuals whose lives these programmes have impacted.

Heavy investments were made first to support institutional structures. Increasing the three pillars of government’s effectiveness and confidence is was of them.

Another is strengthening the state’s infrastructure, which includes the most extensive road network in the nation today with more than 500 kilometres of rural and urban roads, most of them with dual drainages, water schemes, waste and emergency management, and creating master plans for three major metropolitan areas.


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The Obi administration is steadily strengthening the Youth Foundation through the Anambra State Youth Re-Orientation & Empowerment Programme [ANSYREP], in its third phase, it had an overarching subject of “Towards a Sustainable Youth Development Culture in Anambra.”

The governor claims that “ANSYREP reinforces the basic entrepreneurial inclinations of the people and will lead to renewed growth of cottage industries and private initiative” by incorporating character development and moral values into vocational training.

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ANIDS Model…

Around 1,500 young people received grants toward the end of 2011 to support them in the vocations they had chosen and the skills the government had sponsored them to acquire. These grants ranged from N25,000 to N100,000. It is intended to be a continuous curriculum.

In accordance with current best practices, the government was working with national and international organisations to embed ICT competences across a range of industries and sub-sectors to improve corporate governance and competitiveness.

Today, there is a Microsoft Academy in each Local Government Area of the State, and almost all secondary schools are equipped with computers.

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Peter Obi’s Administration, Security and ANIDS Model

Persons with Prior knowledge of Anambra state from onset to 2006 will be grateful for the region’s slow return to peace and stability.Community policing in the State is now centred on citizen participation.

The administration has supported the Nigerian Army and Police with monthly contributions of N15 million and N10 million, respectively, from the beginning of its first term.

Similar to this, the Governor urged every town unions in the State to form security committees and vigilante organisations, which are, of course, under the control of the Nigeria Police Force and are outfitted with the necessary tools for easy identification.Government money supports them!

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Traditional Leaders, Presidential General of Communities Working with Peter Obi’s Administration, ANIDS Model

It is also important to know that traditional leaders and Presidents-General of communities with high rates of violent crime were frequently removed and turned over to the Police for prosecution as part of the shared duty for security.

Education, Healthcare in ANIDS Model 

The ANIDS model’s ability to bridge the public and private sectors is one of its distinctive features. This has been especially illuminating in the fields of education and healthcare.

The government formally handed back over 1,000 schools to their original missionary proprietors during the third week of November 2011.

In addition to the handover, the government pledged N6 billion in firm financial support over a 15-month period, subject to the Missions submitting good work plans.

It is interesting to note that while the Missions would handle general administration, the Government will still pay the salaries of the school workers.

Observant Nigerians would note that, prior to the forcible takeover of these educational institutions in 1970, they can easily take credit for the development of the majority of the cream of society, who could compete anywhere in the world in terms of morals, character, discipline, academics, and maturity.

The Governor put it succinctly: “Our Government is totally committed to providing the wonderful people of Anambra State with outstanding education. Because of this, I have determined that our State will no longer discuss minimum requirements in education, just acceptable worldwide standards.

This audacious move by the Obi government is to be applauded as a significant step in the direction of educational restoration.

Healthcare- ANIDS Model 

The Obi administration has also consistently provided assistance for private health services in the State.

Governor Obi distributed N1 billion (of the N3 billion pledge) to chosen missionary healthcare organisations.

The money was used by the hospitals to upgrade its infrastructural features, such as their rooms and accreditation processes.

Over 105 Government and Mission health facilities in the State received MDG medical equipment worth N135 million at the same time.

AINDS Model…

The former predators on the State Treasury and self-styled social critics continued to be perplexed by these strange actions, which purport to spend public monies on private businesses.

They ignore the fact that the majority of the people who attend these educational, medical, and associated institutions are Anambra State natives due to their own self-serving concerns.

The Obi administration established an N4 billion Security Trust Fund in the Yuletide and distributed an additional N354 million to provide adequate security and road upkeep. After Lagos, it was the second State in the Federation to establish such a Fund.

Youths Empowerment- ANIDS Model 

Similar to this, the government established a youth employment fund that places a strong emphasis on agro-business and agriculture.

The government contributed N300 million as seed money, and since then, the Fund has received regular contributions from people and business groups.

Peter Obi’s AINDS Model…

The governor personally promised to solicit support for the noble cause from notable natives and allies of Anambra.

Additionally, the Obi administration actively pursued and utilized alliances with the private sector.

Achievements of Anambra State, with Peter Obi as Governor using ANIDS Model 

Anambra State was successful in gaining the support and cooperation of development partners like the World Bank, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and European Union (EU), and has avoided defaulting on the payment of its counterpart contributions.

The first governor of Anambra State to win reelection is Peter Obi. Anambra State, Anambra State under the leadership of did not borrowed money from anyone and was not in debt.

Additionally, this includes pensions, contractor payments, and salaries and emoluments.

The fact that the Obi government helped the majority of the population regain their confidence and sense of worth is equally crucial.

Peter Obi’s Statement on ANIDS Model 

“People who used to command the old order have been put out of business by us,” the governor claimed. You can no longer hold the position of red cap chief without a daytime source of income.

People and organisations with a sense of propriety have praised Peter Obi’s accomplishments in the maintenance of public trust despite attempts to demonize him.

The following, among many others, are they l anomalies?

Peter Obi’s Achievements – ANIDS Model Originator 

  • SUN Newspaper Man of the Year.
  • Vice-Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum.
  •  Chairman of the Southern Governors’ Forum and the South-East Governors’ Forum.
  • Commander of the Order of the Niger [CON].
  • ThisDay Newspaper Award for Best Governor on Fiscal Management.
  • Honorary Presidential Advisor on Finance, and Active Member of the Nigeria Economic Management Team

In terms of development, the Ship of Anambra State was navigated to safe shores under his capable and responsible leadership.

In fact, Peter Obi has cemented his position as a national leader with a distinct vision, a noble goal, and integrity with his ANIDS model.


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