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This platform has complied a list of Mobile Banking USSD Codes for all Banks in Nigeria and how to use the .

For starters, USSD codes are shortcodes that commonly begin with an asterisk/star (*) symbol and end with a hash/hashtag (#) symbol e.g. *123#.


Nigeria Banks USSD codes (not in alphabetical order).

The .

The are also

USSD Codes for Data and Airtime Recharge in Nigeria ,List Of Nigeria Banks And Their USSD Code
List Of Nigeria Banks And Their USSD Code

How to use USSD codes to perform bank transactions.

Input the bank’s USSD code into the dialer on your phone and press the dial/call button. Follow the prompts on your phone’s screen.


When you first use a bank’s USSD code, you’ll be asked to create a PIN, which you’ll use to approve or verify transactions.
Some banks may require you to use your debit or ATM card’s last 4-6 digits as your security PIN.

That’s all there is to it. Very simple.
To use any Nigerian bank’s USSD code for transactions, you must have an active account with that bank—unless you’re attempting to open a new account using the USSD code.


Furthermore, the phone number from which you dialled the code must be linked to your bank account.

If you no longer use the phone number associated with your bank account or have misplaced the SIM card, contact your bank to change the phone number associated with your account.

You can also obtain the SIM card from your network carrier.


Despite some limitations such as poor cellular connection, network reception, and signal strength, USSD banking is a super innovative technology that has enabled both low- and high-income individuals to enjoy seamless banking experiences without the internet.

While most USSD services are free to use, some banks charge a fee ranging from 5 to 20 naira for each successful transaction or activity performed via their USSD interface.



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