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Full Video: Did Fr. Mbaka say Peter Obi and his supporters are wasting their time? Here is what we know


Did Fr. Mbaka say Peter Obi and his supporters are wasting their time? Here is all you need to know about what Rev. Fr. said about the 2023 general elections.


The first sermon of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka after ban on Adoration ministry was lifted by the Enugu  Catholic church has generated many interpretations and Controversies.

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In his sermon then, he tagged , the Presidential candidate, as a ” Stingy Man  ” which sparked many reactions.

The Catholic Church, as a result, banned the Adoration ministry for a number of months due to the fact that some of his statements and preaching were politically-related, which is against the Catholic doctrines .

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The controversial Catholic Priest Rev Father Ejike Mbaka in his first sermon said ”

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God said i should not reveal it…but as it stand, Is like many people are wasting their time”

“The Lord said that the vision shall surely come to pass even If it  tarry, just wait for it”

“If not for the warning of the Holy Spirit I would have given Nigeria a simple solution”

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“But just wait”

Watch full video of and 2023 Election.

APC and PDP, who see Peter Obi as a threat to their presidential aspirations following the overwhelming support he enjoys, have turned the message of Rev Father Ejike Mbaka in their favour, claiming that Rev Father Ejike Mbaka said Peter Obi and his supporters are wasting their time.

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What you should know.

1. In the 2023 election, one winner will emerge and the other 12 candidates will be losers

2. Rev Father Ejike Mbaka didn’t say that Peter Obi and his supporters are wasting their time.

3. Eleven of the 12 presidential candidates will definitely waste their time. It can be Bola Tinubu or Atiku Abubakar or Peter Obi.

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4. Don’t be among those spreading fake news that will incur the wrath of God.

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